2012 Creations

Just to satisfy my own curiousity, I thought I’d group the 2012 creations by decade.

But first, the 2012 creation I’m most proud of:








All Buttoned Up dress

All Buttoned Up dress

The Journey Dress

The 40’s Tartan Bolero

“40’s Meets 80’s” bolero












The “Texan Gingham” dress

The “Hey, Baby” Dress

The “Powder Room” Slippers

The "Bad Romance" Slip

The “Bad Romance” Slip

The “Sunshine” Slip

The “Gingham-To-Go” Shirt

Strawberry Sundae shirt

“Strawberry Sundae” shirt

1950's polka dot apron

1950’s polka dot apron


















The “Boxy Lady” jacket

The “Blue Skies” skirt

The “Martha” Dress








The “Braveheart” Dress

The “Autumn Skies” Dress

The “Island Flower” Dress

The “Generations” Dress

The “Owls About It” Dress

The “Bookworm” Dress

The "Honey Vegas" Dress

The “Honey Vegas” Dress


The “Flip Side” dress























Piratical cardigan

“Piratical” cardigan

The “Turkey” Pajamas

The “Winter Blossom” Top

The “Kindy” Cardy

The Powder Room PJs

The “Snow White” Cardigan

The “Late or Never” Hoodie

The “Duchess” Coat

Scrappy wool tee

The “Backing Black” Cardi

“Cotton Candy” knickers

The “Bye Bye Bump” Top

The "Carrera" Dress

The “Carrera” Dress

Two Christmas aprons

Two Christmas aprons























Baby stuff

Cupcake baby dress

Cupcake baby dress

Tartan and Cord baby bibs

More baby bibs

Baby trousers

Baby sling

More baby trousers

Baby pajama pants

Baby PJ pants

Even more baby trousers

Even more baby trousers



















Other bits and pieces

Kobo cozy

Appliance cord cuffs

Grocery bag holders

Christmas stockings

Christmas stockings

Star pincushions

Star pincushions

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