Baby trousers, take two

The thing with babies is, they grow fast.

Which means they grow out of their clothes rather quickly, too. It amazes me, how many clothes Drake has already grown out of. So I’m trying to quickly make some more for him!

(Of course, ‘quick’ means something quite different when you’re trying to achieve things with a baby around. These didn’t take much time to make, but that time was spread over 1.5 weeks…)

And so I present to you, baby trousers, take two.

(Action shot – “I am ninja-master-to-be!”) I think of these as his hipster baby trousers. I’m thinking about making a little tshirt with suspenders printed on it to go with these houndstooth ones.

(Modelling is clearly hard work, since he had to sleep off his exertions.) Made of a soft cotton/poly tshirting. These navy ones go well with all the neutral coloured clothes he has.

12 responses to “Baby trousers, take two

  1. Oh yeah, I wanna see the suspenders! πŸ˜‰

  2. They grow fast but they’re so amazing! Boy still astonishes me everyday and he’ll be 3 in Jan (and always my baby…) I love the houndstooth trousers!

  3. The hipster trousers are so cute. I can just imagine them with a suspender t shirt.
    I remember sewing with babies. It was not easy.. For trousers I liked to make really big hems, which started out as cuffs, tacked up, as the length of my babies’ limbs always seemed to outpace the girth, and cutting a few stitches or unpicking a hem was quicker than making a new pair ;).

  4. SUSPENDERS!!! He is adorable in his fabulous trousers πŸ˜‰ Well done!

  5. You could whack a printed bow tie on a tee shirt too. And the houndstooth pants totally rock!

  6. love the houndstooth – so skater boy x

  7. How cute! These are too funny!

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