Scrapbusting Challenge #4 – Cotton Candy knickers

Next up in the scrapbusting – using up a tshirt that had made it’s way into my scrap box. I’m not entirely sure where this came from – I think I picked it up at a clothes swap a couple of years ago, with the intention of turning it into a cushion cover?

Anyway, since it was one of those big boxy cotton ones, there was no way I’d ever wear it. So I turned it into a couple of pairs of knickers instead. 🙂

When I make underwear, I use my overlocker for everything. Which means I tend to have to switch around the stitches four times between starting and finishing. Which is a bit of a pain, so to make it more worthwhile fiddling around with the overlocker so much I always make at least three pairs of pants at a time. There was only enough tshirt for two pairs, which wasn’t quite enough to make the endeavour worthwhile. Back to the scrap box I went, and unearthed some pink synthetic stretchy fabric that used to be a few tops that someone gave me. The tops were super ugly, and had never been worn, so I cut them up, planning to use the fabric for something else one day. Pink knickers? Why not?! Some scraps from the tshirt made their way onto the pink knickers as gussets. It sure got around, that tshirt did.

I used my standard underwear pattern, that I self-drafted a few years back from a pair of my favourite pants. It makes for some super-comfy underwear, gotta love that.

I decided to experiment a bit this time and used lingerie elastic for the first time ever, on one of the pairs of knickers. For the other three pairs, I did my usual binding using tshirting fabric – I use a blend as pure cotton fabrics tend to lose their stretch pretty quickly (not so good for keeping knickers up sadly!). The tshirting I used for the binding didn’t come from the scrap heap, but hey, everything else did so I figure I’m winning here still. (The lingerie elastic was scrappy bits as well, hence the three different colours.)

The tshirt had a pretty awesome print on it, which is now adorning the back of one pair of knickers.

And because plain white knickers are super-boring, I added a pink heart to the back of the other white pair. Cute, no? Since they’re all pink and white, they’ve been nicknamed the Cotton Candy pants, all four of them.

Right, now to figure out what to make next…….!


3 responses to “Scrapbusting Challenge #4 – Cotton Candy knickers

  1. LOVE THEM!!! Oooo….your scrapbusting knickers are just so fabulous! I love that you added that adorable heart to one, and they look so comfortable! I think I may need to dig out some t-shirts of my own and get cracking on some knickers before the month is out 🙂

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