The ‘Piratical’ Cardigan

Arrr! I’m a pirate!!!

Or at least, this cardigan thinks it’s a pirate.

Either way, it inspired me to dress kinda piratical for work the first day I wore it (Valentines Day!).

But I digress. Without further ado, here are…

The Facts

Fabric: Striped merino wool knit from my stash, no idea where it came from so I’m considering it free
Pattern: Self drafted
Year: 2012
Notions: 5 red buttons, ~$1, scraps of lightweight interfacing for inside the button placket, free
Time to complete: 1.5 hours
First worn: Valentine’s day, 2012
Wear again? Yep

Total Cost: ~$1

This cardi was made for the latest Sew Weekly theme – red, in honour of Valentines Day.

It turns out I don’t have a lot of plain red in my stash these days (except for some bright red sweatshirting, but I didn’t think a snuggly hoodie was quite Valentines-y), which is how the black stripes crept in there. This fine, lightweight merino wool knit was lurking in the corner of my fabric stash – I have no idea how it got there, in fact I don’t recall ever seeing it before, but there it was. And there was just enough for a cardigan!

Since I wear a lot of 1950’s style dresses, I made the cardigan length just below my waist, and went with a round neckline, just for a bit of 1950’s pirate style. It fastens with 5 little red buttons (and yes, it does do up. I just happened to be wearing it like this today and forgot to do it up for the photos to prove that all the buttons are, indeed, there). It’s the first time I’ve ever made a button-up cardi, and I was a bit worried about how stable the button placket would be, so I got all creative with nearby objects and folded a stripe of lightweight interfacing scraps into each button placket. It seems to have worked quite well – hardly any added bulk, and a far more stable placket. End result – I’m not scared of making button-up cardigans any more. I see several others, with cute little buttons, in my near future…..

I whipped up the entire cardigan using my overlocker (serger), cover stitch and all. (I do love my overlocker, it makes life so much easier.) The only non-overlocker bits where the buttons holes, and the hand-sewing of the buttons, which is where most of the time to make came from.

For Valentines Day, Steve and I went for a wander around the zoo after work. They were having a special ‘adults only’ late night, open to adults (18 and over) from 5.30 – 8.30pm (they usually close at 5pm). With zoo keeper talks about animal mating habits, live music, and encouragements to take along a picnic dinner. How cool an idea is that?! (Not that we were organised enough to take along a picnic, but we saw lots of other people with baskets in hand, which was rather neat.) These photos were standing near the pelican area, with the spider monkeys across the little stream in that big tree. The pelican is one of my favourite animals at the zoo – he’s hilarious, super friendly, with crazy eyes. And sadly off sleeping somewhere at 8pm at night.

Something about this cardigan inspired me to dress a bit pirate-inspired for work today. Red-and-black polkadot top, black waist belt, black skirt, black-and-red tartan heart necklace, and…. tights with skulls and crossbones up the back! (Imagine this outfit with black-and-red kitten heels, please. I switched them out to sneakers for walking around the zoo, for practicalities sake.)

16 responses to “The ‘Piratical’ Cardigan

  1. Self-drafted?! Wow, I’m impressed! This looks great!

  2. Very cute.Nice shape too. I can see Global Fabrics’ merino table getting a hammering. 🙂

  3. Looks great.

  4. Ooh, great cardi! And I love the outfit 🙂

  5. Great cardi and even more impressive that you self-drafted it. I do love stripes, black and red being the best combo and I love your whole outfit, particularly the tights. I think your sneaker boots look fab with it but I can also see lace up red kitten heel boots too!

  6. Great cardigan! And cute tights. ;0

  7. I this utterly cute!

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