Nighttime florals

Hola! Once again, long time, no blog post! (Whoops!)

Not to say that I haven’t been writing blog posts – it’s been Indie Pattern Month over on The Monthly Stitch, which has been rather full-on! Heaps of fun though, and so many inspiring creations. (And I may have added a few more things to my things-I-really-want-to-sew-right-this-minute list. Yikes! Too much I want to make, never enough time… If only one could get paid to sit at home and sew pretty things for oneself… 😉

Anyways, I have been doing a bit of sewing, if not as much as usual! I’ve also been doing some knitting, since it’s winter over here and winter = knitting, yes indeed. (I even have a completed knitting project to show off – oh my! But that’ll be for another day, as this cardigan got finished first and therefore is getting posted first.)

So for today, I have for you… a cardigan! A lovely black lightweight merino knit cardigan, to be precise.

NIghttime Florals cardigan | Modern Vintage Cupcakes

A while back, my friend Lou wore a gorgeous cardigan to work that I immediately coveted. It had a lovely curved front yoke panel in a sheer poly chiffon type fabric, while the rest of the cardigan was knit. Gorgeous, I tells ya! So naturally, I immediately added making one similar to my ‘things to do’ list. 😉

NIghttime Florals cardigan | Modern Vintage Cupcakes

Black isn’t really my thing, but it’s also a very useful colour to have as a cardigan, as it actually goes with other things. (Unlike many of my garments, which pile together in a colourful, clashing mash-up of crazy prints.) So I pulled this lovely super-fine merino out of my stash, paired it with a black-with-green-floral print cotton I got from Fabric-a-brac a while back, and set to work.

I used the Jenna cardigan pattern as a base. Making the modification was easy – I figured out where on my chest I wanted the curve to end, and used the notch markers in the armscye to start the curve from the side. Simply cut it directly from the pattern, then added seam allowance to both yoke and remaining front bodice when cutting out the pattern. Simple! (Although I did take care that the woven fabric was mainly above my bust, for easy fitting. Not that I have much of a bust, but still…)

NIghttime Florals cardigan | Modern Vintage Cupcakes

The sleeves on this are actually narrower than the original Jenna cardigan sleeves – I’ve been playing around a bit with them, and may have an update to the pattern coming out in about a month, with a narrow sleeve option as well as the original classic straight sleeve. Sssh! Secret squirrel! 😉

Photos were taken around on the Miramar Peninsula, while hanging out with the lovely Nikki and Sandra. (Thanks, ladies!) We went to see a great movie together (whose name I just completely forgot, but it was about “the worst singer in the world” and was utterly delightful), then nabbed some photos on the coast on the way back home.

Right then, back to the knitting I go! 😉

What are you making at the moment? Go on, give me some inspiration on what to start next!


NIghttime Florals cardigan | Modern Vintage Cupcakes


NIghttime Florals cardigan | Modern Vintage Cupcakes



14 responses to “Nighttime florals

  1. I do like the floral yoke. Its pretty. Currently my sewjo is a bit low so I am dithering between tracing out patterns and actually sewing. Enjoying reading bolgs though😃

    • Thanks! 🙂
      I’m not surprised your sewjo is a bit low, considering how many things you made for Indie Pattern Month! And so many lovely new patterns and fabric to sew up, too. 😉

  2. Lovely cardigan. I’m a big fan of black, just because I can pair it with lots of wild colours! You’ve sold me on another Jenna cardie extension pack.

  3. Nice work! And glad you’re getting some “me sewing” time after all your amazing work for IPM. (The movie is called Florence btw and based on a true story!)

    • Oh yes, that’s the movie! Have you seen it? It’s gorgeous!!

      Haha, well, the “me sewing” time definitely got put on hold for a while there! I actually had this cardigan finished at the start of June, and only just posting it now. Whoops! ;-P

  4. Nice, I love this idea. I’ve been making cardigans too, it’s definitely that time of year down under!

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  6. Heather Myers

    Great idea and your interpretation is very attractive! This may inspire sewing – When I finish moving to a smaller house in a couple weeks, 3-4 organza simple jackets are on my agenda. With applicayed (sp?) colorful silk shapes, likely geometric. Making them for an Art to Wear exhibit in September.

  7. This cardigan is gorgeous! I love the floral pieces, it really makes it stand out. So beautifully well made. XxxX

  8. I’m floored by your lovely coastal shots! (Your “habitat”!) Wow! Your cardigan is also lovely, and I’d love to see a closeup of the front. …A photo would be great, but an all expense paid trip to New Zealand to see it in person would be even better! I suppose this will happen when we all get paid to stay home and sew pretty things!

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