Me-Made-May ’12 – week 4

Would you believe it? We’re on to week 4 of Me-Made-May ’12 already!

And here are some outfit photos to prove it….

21 May

Duffle coat from Glassons
Hat handknitted by my mother (I got it as a Christmas present – thanks, mum!)
Scarf – gift from the lovely Debi
Me-made black merino cardigan
Dress on loan for maternity wear from my friend Gill
Black maternity leggings
Converse sneakers to walk home in
1970’s vintage bag from a clothes swap
And a view over part of Wellington harbour at 5.30pm as Steve and I walked home from work. Pretty lights on the water. 🙂

23 May

Me-made Piratical cardigan
Black merino top from Glassons
Long black skirt from NZ designer Humanity Creations
Bug necklace from a little shop in Taupo
Knee-high black and white patterned socks, bought in Beijing
Black Converse sneakers (once again, walking-home shoes)
And just for fun, meet my favourite pin cushion! He’s a little pig in the colours of my home province that my mother gave me when I moved to Wellington

Ok, I admit it – you’ve seen this outfit before. Sadly I’m finding Me-Made-May a bit repetitive this time ’round, since my wardrobe choices are so limited. Hopefully you’re not all getting too bored with the photos! :-/ I’m working on something else, should be finished in the next day or two, and then there’ll be another me-made wardrobe item to add into the rotation for the rest of the month…..

24 May
I was bored with my outfit today, so didn’t take a photo. Sorry! Me-made item was my Piratical cardigan again, just like yesterday. I figured you didn’t need to see it twice in a row. 😉

25 May

Duffel coat from Glassons
Scarf from the lovely Debi in Scotland
Me-made black merino cardigan
Dress from a clothes swap party
Black maternity tights by Lyric
Black Converse sneakers for the walk home
And a view over part of Wellington harbour at dusk on our way home from work

26 May
Too tired for photos today, but I can tell you I wore my me-made Owls About It dress. I do like that dress, yes indeed…..

27 May

Me-made Kindy cardi
Pink merino top from Glassons
Black maternity-friendly dress on loan from a friend
Knee-high socks with flowers and polka dots from Columbine
Black Converse sneakers (as per usual this week)
Bug necklace from a shop in Taupo


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