Me-Made-May 2012 – week 1

And here we have it folks – the first week of Me Made May 2012!

So that I don’t bombard all of your readers with outfit posts, I’m going to do weekly wrap-ups of them.

And just because I’m always a bit envious of all those amazing bloggers out there who come up with crazy poses and look like they’re having so much fun while doing so, I’m also going to push myself out of my standard “stay still and try to pretend there’s no camera there” zone and try a few different shots. So far, kinda awkward. I’m hoping they come more naturally with practice…..

Anyway, here it is – my first week of Me Made May outfits.

1 May

Me-made 70’s Lounge cardigan
Purple merino top from Glassons
Me-made Journey dress
Knee-high socks
Purple Minx wedge heels

2 May

Me-made Piratical cardigan
Pink merino top from Glassons
Black tshirt from NZGirl
Long black skirt by Wellington designer Humanity Creations
Over-the-knee black-with-polkadots socks from Columbine
Necklace from Misery
Converse sneakers

Today had the added challenge of being a Wednesday Wardrobe Challenge day. The theme was ‘velvet and lace’. Normally this would be easy for me, but none of my velvet or lace fit right now! Argh! I had to go hunting and this is what I came up with – a cameo with a velvet choker necklace, and a long black skirt with lace trim around the base and down one side. (It still counts, right?!)

3 May

Cardigan knitted by my mother from a 1940’s pattern
Pink merino top from Glassons
Me-made Braveheart dress
Thick black over-the-knee socks
Black Converse sneakers

4 May (International Star Wars day! Hah!)

Cardigan from Glassons
Me-made Autumn Skies dress
Green slip from a clothes swap
Merino/silk long-sleeve top (under dress) from Silkbody
Over-the-knee socks, can’t remember where from
Black Converse sneakers

5 May

Me-made black merino cardigan
Merino/silk long-sleeve top from Silkbody
Elastic-waist skirt from an op shop in Temuka
Knee-high socks from a little shop in Beijing
My fab new shoes! “Mona Lisa” style from Soles, that I bought yesterday

6 May

Made-by-my-mother hand knitted cardigan from a 1940’s pattern
Me-made Braveheart Dress
Black merino top from Glassons
Footless black maternity tights from Lyric
Black Converse sneakers

(Yep, second time I’ve worn pretty much this exact outfit this week. Thankfully, I’ve just finished making another maternity dress, so there’ll be another one to add to the mix for the next three weeks of May!)

10 responses to “Me-Made-May 2012 – week 1

  1. I love reading your blog Kat 🙂 But I feel like such a voyeur always reading & never commenting and then I realised I haven’t congratulated you yet!! I’m so pleased for you & I hope you enjoy the second half of your pregnancy – its an exciting time & hopefully you’ll feel your energy return 🙂 I love seeing the bump growing – congratulations & warm wishes!

  2. I love all the plaid!

  3. i salute you for making a compilation instead of doing a daily thing. Thank you!

  4. looks like a busy week! I didn’t get a chance to say but I just love the new dress with card and planes on. Really wonderful. You are looking great too. x x x

  5. Your Braveheart dress is so completely fantastic – I love it as a maternity dress for you! I cannot blame you for wearing it twice because it’s a pretty fantastic ensemble when paired with the cardigan 🙂

    • I think my main challenge this month will be not wearing that green cardigan every second day for outfit photos! (I deliberately took it off for today’s outfit pic, haha). I heart that cardigan so much….

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