Me-Made-May ’13 – part 4

How on earth am I up to the fourth post on Me-Made-May already!?!? Yikes!!!

Anyway, here are the next few Days of May….

16 May
16 May
Me-made Anne blouse
Yellow cardigan – Glassons
Skirt – vintage (1960’s or 70’s) from a thrift shop
Tights – Columbine
Shoes – United Nude

Thoughts on today’s me-made garment: First time I’ve worn this blouse! Always an exciting moment. 🙂 I think this one is a winner. Although I’m still debating a bit about the fit, after you all commented so wonderfully on the post where I showed it to you, I’m feeling a lot better about the fit of it. Thanks so much for your feedback! 😀

17 May
I was sick today, and spent pretty much all day lying around on the couch or the floor, with the Little Man playing near me. While I could have gotten a photo of my pajamas and dressing gown, I elected not to subject you all to that. (I did still have a me-made day though, with my Turkey pajamas!

Thoughts on today’s me-made garment: Must make more pajama pants….. They are awesome.

18 May
18 May
Me-made 70’s lounge cardigan
Denim skirt – Moochi, from a thrift store
Over-the-knee purple socks – Glassons
Nursing singlet – The Warehouse
Shoes – Minx, second hand from TradeMe

Thoughts on today’s me-made garment: What can I say? It’s a waist-length brown cardigan. *shrug* And it’s fine. Not exciting, but a good wardrobe staple.

19 May
No photo today sorry, but nothing you haven’t seen before. My Hungry Cat-erpillar skirt, with a singlet and cardigan.

20 May
20 May
Me-made Beatrice dress
Me-made 40s Meets 80s bolero
Navy belt – vintage, from a thrift shop
Grey tights – Columbine
Shoes – Soles

Thoughts on today’s me-made garment: same 1940 bolero pattern as the 40s Tartan bolero. And just like the 40s Tartan bolero, this doesn’t get worn very much as I often don’t know what to wear it with. It seems this shirt dress is the answer to the what-to-wear-boleros-with question. I suspect they will now be in proper rotation in my wardrobe. 🙂 Aside from that, no thoughts on today’s me-made garment – it fits fine, I like it, I’ll now be wearing it. All good.

21 May
21 May
Me-made All Buttoned Up dress
Yellow cardigan – Glassons
Duffle coat – Max
Boots – Dr Martens
Pulling funny faces – amusing a Little Person who was waiting in the car while we took a quick photo after collecting him from daycare

No me-made garments you haven’t already seen this month, so no thoughts on them….. I’m starting to run out of things you haven’t seen that aren’t languishing in my mending/alterations pile…. Maybe I need to do some of those alterations this weekend!?!

22 May
22 May
Me-made Piratical cardigan
Nursing singlet – The Warehouse
Skirt – Sanctuary (indie Wellington designer)
Boots – Molly N

Thoughts on today’s me-made garment: I made this a bit too small. Oops. 😦 As such, it is a bit too tight. But it’s red and black striped merino, so I pull it out and wear it sometimes anyway. And when I do, I like it. 🙂

Right, we’re nearing the home stretch of Me-Made-May now, folks! And I’ve run out of me-made garments you haven’t already seen that aren’t in the mending/alterations/needs finishing pile. So my next mission – get some of those out of that pile and wear them before the end of the month! (You might want to wish me luck with that, since time is not something I have much of right now…. We’ll see how it goes.)

(PS I’m rather excited that I’ve now found something I can wear my boleros with. Yay! 😀 )

6 responses to “Me-Made-May ’13 – part 4

  1. I love how the yellow light fitting creates an inverted halo behind your head in the Bolero photo. It’s a sign!!! 😉

  2. the piratical cardie looks awesome with that skirt, loving the Beatrice dress too

  3. Love the bolero! Need to make myself one as it would sit perfectly with the 50s style of dresses that I love. Was it hard to make?

  4. Love your anne blouse and piratical cardigan!

  5. Love the boleros and the striped cardi!

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