Scrapbusting Challenge #6 – Grocery Bag Holder

So here’s something I’ve been meaning to make for aaaaaages. It’s nice to get it crossed off the list! What is it? Well, if you tend to collect plastic bags to reuse as bin liners or whatever, it a holder for those. A bag bag, so to speak. You put the bags in the wider opening at the top, and pull them out one at a time from the narrower opening at the bottom. And it’s a lot tidier and cuter than a drawer full of randomly-stuffed-in plastic bags that go everywhere when you open it.

It’s also a pretty good scrapbusting project, as it turns out. 🙂

I got inspired from this tutorial here. And just improvised based on the width of the scraps I had.

Here’s the end result:

The orange floral fabric and the green fabric are both from the 1970’s. I figure the orange floral will go with my new kitchen. (One day, that new kitchen will be finished. In the meantime, the scrapbusting challenge continues…..) I can’t remember what I used most of the original orange floral for – I suspect it was a skirt for someone else (sadly not one for me). The green was also a skirt, which after being in my wardrobe for a couple of years got passed on to someone else at a clothes swap earlier this year. And that burgundy cotton drill has been turned into many things in the past few years.

Since it was fun to make, and used up scraps really well (and I’d cut more strips than I needed, and, most of all, because she mentioned a couple of weeks ago that she’s been meaning to make a grocery bag holder for ages too) I made one for my friend Nicola as well.

Which, now that I look at them together, isn’t too dissimilar as far as colour palettes go! This one has tartan wool leftover from my 40s Tartan bolero, corduroy left over from a pair of trousers I made someone a few years back, and some upholstery fabric I picked up at fabric-a-brac about a year ago.

There was something oddly satisfying about turning scraps into nice, neat strips of fabric. (Perhaps the simplicity of it is appealing to my tired pre-baby-brain?) So satisfying that I’m wondering what other projects I can do with random strips of fabric…. Anyone got any good suggestions?


5 responses to “Scrapbusting Challenge #6 – Grocery Bag Holder

  1. Make a scrap quilt, or even better, a scrap baby quilt or baby play rug!

  2. Or make a nappy wallet 🙂

  3. Baby shoes 🙂 The kimono baby shoes are adorable and would be a great way to use up scraps and cover the little one’s feet!

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