Scrapbusting Challenge #5 – Tartan and Cord baby bibs

A rainy Sunday – always a good time to be doing a spot of sewing. 🙂

Today’s sewing project was another scrapbusting challenge one, this time for the soon-to-arrive baby. I loosely based it on this tutorial for baby bibs – I used the pattern, but didn’t do the applique, bias binding (instead stitching front and back together inside-out then turning), or use three layers of fabric. Maybe next time I’ll play around with some of those ideas…..

Anyway, here’s what I made – a set of three bibs in a combination of plaid (leftovers from when I made my Bookworm dress), and pinwale corduroy (the orange with owls leftover from my Owls About It dress, and I have no idea what the red was leftover from but it’s been hanging around for aaaaaages).

The back is made from pink flannelette, leftover from the inside of my Duchess coat.

Don’t get too excited about the inclusion of the pink fabric – we still have no idea what flavour the little baby is going to be. But I figure even if it’s a boy, the pink will be on the back so it doesn’t really matter anyway. (Not that I plan to colour-code the little creature, but I have a feeling Steve may not appreciate a son being dressed in pink.)

The bibs all fasten with a bit of velcro, so should be super quick and easy to use.

These bibs were nice and easy to make up, and a fun way to use up a mix of random scraps. I foresee myself making many more in the not-too-distant future, both for our baby and for the soon-to-arrive babies various friends are growing.


5 responses to “Scrapbusting Challenge #5 – Tartan and Cord baby bibs

  1. Of course! The perfect scrapbusting project! They are fabulous! And if Steve is the slightest bit worried about the pink, up until Victorian times (I think) boys were dressed in pink as it was considered a stronger, more powerful colour! Oh how things change!! I am very excited about the inclusion of ‘soon-to-arrive’. You look amazing Kat. Hope you are feeling as good as you look! 🙂

  2. FANTASTIC!!! I love them, so sweet and cool all at the same time> x x x x

  3. Definitely the perfect scrapbusting project!! All very fabulous for the little one 🙂

  4. these are gorgeous Kat! what a great idea x

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