Scrapbusting challenge #3 – the Scrappy Wool tee

The Facts

Fabric: eggplant merino wool from my scrap box; brown-with-gold-sparkles wool/acrylic/lurex blend from my scrap box; blue wool blend from my stash
Pattern: self-drafted
Year: drafted back in 2001 or thereabouts
Notions: none
Time to complete: about an hour
First worn: in a few months time when I can fit into it!
Wear again? probably. I’ll let you know once I can try it on
Total cost: free!

Shamefully, this tee has taken me 3-4 days to complete. Yep, even though it only took an hour to make, that hour was dragged on over that much time. Turns out that’s what happens when you keep falling asleep…… But anyway, I managed to stay awake long enough today to add the blue band at the bottom, which took all of about 10 minutes.

I had to go outside of my scrap box to finish this one off – there wasn’t quite enough eggplant-purple merino or brown-and-gold knit to make a band at the bottom, and without that band, it was just a bit too short. Since the rest of the tee is in wool or wool blends, I figured I should go with that theme and use a wool blend for the band as well. Out jumped this blue wool blend, which I used for a cardigan this week as well (more on that later). Sure, it probably would have gone better if it was brown or purple, but hey, I figure I can get away with this combination. (Hopefully!)

Sparkles aren’t really my thing (I’d much rather read True Blood than Twilight), but I actually quite like this top. The eggplant merino was left over from a few years ago, where I made a merino tee out of it (which gets a lot of use during autumn and winter). The brown/gold knit was leftover from a top I made for someone else. Both bits have been hanging out in my overflowing scrap box #1 for the last few years, but now, finally, they’ve been transformed into something useful! Yay!!

Right, time to go decide what to make from the scrap heap next……


One response to “Scrapbusting challenge #3 – the Scrappy Wool tee

  1. HA! True Blood wins over Twilight ever time. Eric > Edward. I love your shirt, the sparkles are pretty fabulous, and I love the colors you added to it! I’m looking forward to seeing you try it on eventually, but for now, I am just loving you and your fantastic bump 🙂 SO EXCITED!!! Yay babies!

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