Scrapbusting challenge #1 – Kobo cozy

To put it quite mildly, I’m a bit of an avid reader. I love books. It runs in the family, in fact. I love how they look, how they smell, the weight of them in your hands, and the magical places they take you to.

So it took me a while to give in to the e-reader craze and buy a Kobo. Why did I give in? Well, I travel a bit for work, and it was getting a bit ridiculous, as if I ran out of things to read while away (even if only for one night!) I high-tailed it to the nearest bookstore and bought another book. Yeah, not a good way to declutter ones life. My friend Heather convinced me that a Kobo was the way to go – light, takes up very little room in your bag (have you ever tried to pack enough books, *and* enough clothes-and-other-things, into one suitcase for a three week holiday?!?), and you can put lots of good things to read on it so you don’t run out of reading material. Perfect for travelling, in other words. 🙂

But of course, while travelling, it tends to get knocked around a fair amount. I’ve been meaning to make a cozy/cover/whatever-you-want-to-call-it for my Kobo for a while now, so when I spotted this tutorial over on my ‘random crafts’ Pinterest board, it seemed like a good start to this week’s scrapbusting challenge.

And here’s the result – one rather colourful, clashing-printed Kobo cozy:

The Facts

Fabric: random scraps of various cottons and cotton-blends from my stash
Notions: 8″ of elastic, and some synthetic batting, ~$0.50
Pattern: e-reader case tutorial by Thimble
Year: current
Time to make: 1.5 hours
Will I use it? yes
Total cost: ~$0.50

The blue fabric is remnants from a souvenir teatowel I bought to make into cushion covers for our couch. the white patterned fabric is from a Japanese scarf/handkerchief/bandanna/whatever I think I got from a fellow conference-goer a few years back. And the burgundy floral fabric is vintage, and I used it to make a skirt (sadly for someone else) a few years ago.

It has nice, fluffy pink brushed cotton lining as well (remnants from the interlining of my Duchess coat ).

Plus there’s quilting batting sandwiched between the layers to protect the Kobo from knocks and bumps, and a strip of elastic to keep it safe and enclosed in the case.

All up, it’s kind of like a warm, cozy sleeping bag for the e-reader. I like to think my Kobo likes it – it’ll keep it warm in winter while it sits on a bookshelf, waiting for my next trip away. 🙂


2 responses to “Scrapbusting challenge #1 – Kobo cozy

  1. I need to make one of these…or several. 🙂

  2. It’s so colorful!! I love it – it definitely looks all cozy snuggled up in there 🙂

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