Cupcake baby dress

Steve recently became an uncle for the second time. (Which I guess kinda makes me a de-facto aunty?) Welcome to the world, little Zoey!

Before we went to visit the newest arrival for the first time, I spent a bit of time on the weekend making a little present for the little girl. The ‘Chicita Charm’ dress from Rob Merrett’s ‘Making baby’s clothes’ book, sized for a three month old. Turns out clothes for a three month old girl are rather small. (And therefore an excellent way to use up large scraps. Brilliant!)

I made it out of two flavours of cotton drill – navy blue, and light purple with white polka dots and cupcakes. Light pink double-fold bias binding was used around the armhole edges, and it fastens with a black dress zipper (as shamefully I had no navy one the right length).

Bright sunlight doesn’t show off the purple yoke that well, so here’s a closer shot so you can see it.

The colours in the photo above are more true to life.

Like the clover? One of our little front lawn sections got completely taken over with it this summer. We’ve decided we quite like it, so it gets to stay.

People keep having babies. Next on my things-to-make-for-others list is an outfit for a new little baby boy. This weekend is the plan for that creation…..


4 responses to “Cupcake baby dress

  1. so lovely.

  2. Very cute! I want to make my niece an Easter dress and my nephew an Easter hat:)

  3. It is so adorable!!!!

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