Scrapbusting challenge #2 – appliance cord cuffs

Ah, procrastination, always so close at hand. *sigh*

I spent ages dithering about, trying to decide what to make from my scrap box today, before I realised I was rapidly running out of time and my options were now narrowed down to something fast to make!

Luckily, I spotted this cute idea for an appliance cuff by Rambling Designs on Pinterest a while back. So simple, so quick to make, and so useful. A perfect project for a procrastination-filled Tuesday evening. 🙂

I used a scrap left over from my Bookworm dress, some bits of velcro, and whipped up three of these super-quick.

Now my straightening irons, hair dryer, and phone charger cords are all nice and neat and tidy. Yay!


4 responses to “Scrapbusting challenge #2 – appliance cord cuffs

  1. Ahh! Great idea! I’m forever dealing with tangled, loose cords!

  2. What a great idea – even I could manage that

  3. Yes yes yes – I need some of these badly!

  4. Wow, such a good and easy idea! *Puts on to do list

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