The “Flip Side” Dress


The Facts

Fabric: a couple of meters of pink-and-blue floral craft cotton, $2/meter on sale at Spotlight
Pattern: Butterick 6619
Year: early 1970â€ēs
Notions: bit of interfacing for the collar, and an invisible zip (~$6 on sale at Arthur Toye a while back)
Time to complete: 3.5 hours
First worn: for these photos, on a lovely summer evening walk
Wear again? yep
Total cost: about $10

Last week’s challenge on the Sew Weekly was ‘winter’. Lets face it – we’ve just started on summer down here, and winter gear is about the last thing I want to be making right now!

So, I decided to interpret it as ‘start of new season’, and make a summer dress instead. (Hence the name – the flip side of winter is summer.)


Drake helped me choose a pattern (aka sat on my lap while I showed him a few options and talked aloud while deciding which one I wanted to make). I found a dress in an op shop (thrift store) a while back, and it’s turned out to be perfect for breastfeeding as it does up down the centre front with a zip. Quick and easy access, just the way the little lad likes it (any slower than 2 seconds and he gets rather grumpy, so quick-and-easy access is a lot easier for me, and my eardrums, as well!). Hence why I decided to branch out of my 1940’s/50’s zone and tackle this pattern from the early 1970’s – it also has a centre-front zip.


It also has pockets. I love pockets on dresses. Every time I make a dress that doesn’t have pockets, I plan to put them in. (Most of the time I then get all excited about getting the skirt sewn up and forget to add in-seam pockets to it. Oops. But the plan is always there! Maybe I need to write myself a sign and stick it to the wall above my sewing machine, to remind myself….)


I must admit, it felt rather odd wearing this out and about. It’s so much shorter than what I usually wear, and when coupled with high heels I felt rather ‘dressed up’! (Strange how that works – if the dress was just a bit longer, or more of a 50’s siholuette rather than the more A-line 70’s style, I wouldn’t have felt ‘dressed up’ at all. *shrug*) I do like this dress though – it’s nice and lightweight, so it’ll be good to wear on warm days. And it’s sleeveless – I love having bare arms in summer. (I can also attest that the zip-front made Drake a rather happy lad. Or at least far less grumpy than button-up fronts do!)


The pattern itself was nice and easy to whip up – these 1970’s styles usually are, gotta love that. Steve is encouraging me to make more of these (only in different fabrics – the pink-and-blue floral got a big thumbs-down from anti-floral-boy), and I may just do that. It’ll be an easy style to adjust the side seams on as (if?) I lose the baby-weight, so it seems pretty much perfect as far as my wardrobe needs go right now.

We went wandering after dinner to take these photos, and ended up outside the zoo, so I got to pretend to interact with a tiger painting while people drove past….


Speaking of wardrobe needs, do you like my new shoes? I just “needed” to have them. 😉 I’m calling them my Christmas present to myself.

28 responses to “The “Flip Side” Dress

  1. Love this dress, love the belt with it, love the shoes. Fantastic outfit. Where are the shoes from?

    • Thanks! 🙂 They’re Minx shoes. I got them from the Superminx store up in Otaki. (My favourite shoe store in Wellington. Heh.)

  2. LOVE âĪ your shoes!…and your dress too…but those shoes! 😉

  3. Yay for finding a pattern that works on so many levels!! and such cute shoes 🙂

    • Thanks! Yeah, I’m pretty happy with this pattern, and yet it’s one I probably never would have made if I didn’t need the easy-access part!

  4. Really cute dress (and shoes)!

  5. You look adorable!! The shoes are perfect!

  6. You are looking wonderful and I would kill for those shoes.

  7. Such a lovely dress! And I say yes to the floral too. Although I can imagine a crazy print would be pretty spectacular as well – swirls, perhaps? And your shoes – where did you get them???

  8. I love the new dress and I think that’s a good style for you too 🙂 And I am green with envy for your shoes!

  9. Wow this era really suits you! It is a very smart style and surprisingly timeless. You could even do one of those cool exposed zipper looks with the next one. In PLC maybe? hehehe 😉 And those shoes are droolworthy. I love Minx but they don’t love me back so it is good to know they love others!

  10. Love the shoes!!! They work perfectly with this fabulous dress 🙂 Drake did a very good job picking out the pattern – the center front zipper is perfect for him!

  11. Yes I very much do love your shoes! And this dress is so cute!! It’s adorable and fits so well 🙂

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