The “Blue Skies” Skirt

The Facts

Fabric: about 1.5 metres of medium weight blue cotton drill from my stash (guessing about $10 a few years back?) and about 1.5 metres of light blue lining, thrifted, ~$0.80
Pattern: Simplicity 5793
Year: 1964
Notions: invisible zip, ~$3 on sale, two hooks and eyes
Time to complete: about 1 hour several months ago, and another 2 hours today
Wear again? yep, just as soon as I fit it properly again!

Total cost: ~$14

This week on The Sew Weekly, the theme was UFOs. Going back and picking up a project that was never completed, and actually finishing it!

Sad to say, I have quite a few UFO’s lurking around. *hangs head in shame* Which to choose, which to choose….?

The lovely blue of this skirt called out to me, and demanded to be finished this week. I originally started it back in November, to go with my Eek A Mouse top for the Pin Up Sew Weekly challenge. I ran out of time that week, and only made it as far through as cutting the skirt and lining, overlocking the pieces, and sewing up 3 of the 8 darts. I’m guessing it would have taken me about an hour to do that, more or less. And ever since then, it’s been sitting in my UFOs-I-really-want-to-finish-very-soon pile.

Way back when I started the skirt, I choose Simplicity 5793, from 1964. It’s a nice, basic skirt – 6 gores, A-line, dart fitted in front and back (interestingly, they didn’t incorporate the darts in the gore seamlines, which I find a little surprising), with a narrow waistband and a side zipper closing. This pattern came together like a breeze – so easy, the only reason to look at the instructions is to figure out which side the zip is meant to go on. I like how it looks made up as well – it sits at the natural waist, and I can see this being made up in a wide variety of fabrics, dressed up or down, for all seasons. Perhaps another go-to pattern?

I’ve learnt my lesson in the past when making cotton skirts – they cling like crazy to tights in winter. And I don’t know if it’s just me, but a separate slip doesn’t seem to stop that happening at all. Since I’m not a huge fan of battling with my outfit while walking down the street, I decided to fully line the skirt, so it’ll fall nicely over patterned tights in winter and I can focus on the wind-vs-hair battle without the distracting of the clothes-vs-accessories battle. Lining it was very easy – I simply cut out all the pattern pieces (excluding the waistband), stitched ’em up, left a gap for the zipper, and basted to the top of the shell before attaching the waistband. Done.

(‘Scuse the exposed knees there.)

I tried something else new with this skirt as well, and used hem binding. I’ve seen a few of the other girls in the sewing blog-o-sphere use it, and it got me inspired to give it a go. I’m really happy with how it looks – I think it’ll be a staple technique in my sewing from now on! I reckon it just adds a little touch of elegance to the inside of the garment, don’t ya think?

And guess what? It goes well with my new blue shoes.

I’m calling this the ‘Blue Skies’ skirt, as the colour is so bright and cheerful it reminds me of the gorgeous vivid blue skies in spring/summer.

Sadly though, I’ve put on a bit of weight this year, so the skirt is a bit too tight. Argh! Oh well, it’ll fit again once I get back to normal. (*mutter mutter*)

And here’s a parting shot of my friend Nik and I wandering back home. In case you’re wondering what I’m doing, I was in the process of blowing a kiss to Steve who was trailing along behind us. 😉


9 responses to “The “Blue Skies” Skirt

  1. This is a great go-to skirt! Loving that hem binding. Is that lace or a decorative stitch at the edge of the binding? Looks so pretty. Well done on completing a UFO task. I really hoped to do that this week but evil work stole my sewing time! It was just waiting to be teamed with your lovely shoes… and hair! So annoying when you put on weight when you’ve taken the time to fit something first time round. I’m having that dilema right now!

    • Thanks! I always used to think this was lace, but have only recently decided it’s actually hem binding. (Although I’m still not 100% sure….) It’s got a cute little lace edge to it, either way. 🙂

  2. Great shape to that skirt- I love it!

  3. Lovely, lovely blue!

  4. Love the color! Absolutely gorgeous!

  5. I love the color – it works perfectly with your fabulous shoes!

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