The “Martha” Dress

The Facts

Fabric: about 2.5 metres or so of cotton drill, mint green with cupcakes and polka dots on it, gift from my mother
Pattern: Weigel’s 2106
Year: 1962
Notions: 7 purple buttons from my stash
Time to complete: about 5 hours
First worn: to the Wellington bloggers meet up
Wear again? yep
Total cost: free!
Make this pattern again? yep, I think so
Changes I’d make next time: lower the waist about an inch; add pockets (coz pockets are awesome. And useful.)

It was 1960’s week over on The Sew Weekly this week. And it was also the first (but definitely not the last!) Wellington sewing bloggers meet up on Saturday. So the wonderful Juliet and Nikki and I decided we’d make 1960’s dresses to wear to the meet up. (Our meet up started at Martha’s Pantry, so I’ve named this dress in it’s honour.)

I was a bit surprised to find I don’t own nearly as many 1960’s dress patterns as I thought I did. Hmmm. Separates, yes. Dresses, no. (And for some odd reason, a blouse that buttons up the back just doesn’t seem all the useful at the moment….!)

But lo and behold, I unearthed Weigel’s 2106 from my stash. Dress? Check. 1960’s? Check. Easy-front-access? Check.

And then, for some reason, I decided to make it up in this cupcake print drill. I admit it, even I was unsure how this would work out – it’s not really my colour and an entire dress (complete with sleeves) in this could very easily be a bit too much. But still, I went ahead and rolled with it. Much to Steve’s horror.

(Please ‘scuse the wrinkles, I’d been carting a baby around.)

And much to his surprise, it actually worked out ok! (His reaction when seeing it: “hey, it’s not as hideous as I thought it would be!” Not to say he likes it, however. But no surprises there.)

The Weigel’s pattern is a little bit odd – some of those instructions were a bit hard to decipher, but I muddled my way through it (the pleat under the bottom button took me by surprise) and we got there. The waistline is oddly high, and higher at the back than the front, but that’ll be easy enough to change next time I make it up. (And the sheath dress version looks rather cute, don’t you think? May have to try that one….)

I like this dress – it’s nice to be able to wear something in a quirky fabric again (just like old times!), it’s reasonably practical when out and about with the little lad, and it’s got cupcakes on it. (And really, what’s not to love about cupcakes?!?) (Also, if it looks a little too tight, that’s because it is. I made it for the size I’ll be in about a month, rather than the size I am now. Foresight, yeah!)

The weather was a bit blah when it was time for photos, so just boring inside ones this week I’m afraid, in one of the upstairs bedrooms. Since I was there and all, I thought I’d better hold up the roof. Don’t want that thing to come crashing down now, do we? It might damage the sewing machine, and that would be an absolute disaster as I already have plans for the next creation…..

17 responses to “The “Martha” Dress

  1. Very cute dress and aint it nice when you take a punt on something and it works out :o).

  2. This dress is adorable in photos and fabulous in person!

  3. It’s a very cute dress!

  4. The perfect name for this project and it is even more cute in real life! 😉

    I am glad you posted this here too because I can’t comment on the Sew Weekly page anymore… 😦

    • Thanks! 🙂

      Yeah, it’s a shame about the Sew Weekly pages. Here’s hoping Mena gets back into the swing of things and fixes it all up soon! *fingers crossed*

  5. I really love this dress, especially on you. I love the cut on you, and I love the colours too!

  6. The fabric is so cool 🙂 It came out really nice!

  7. It is a really cute dress and looks fab on you. The pattern is really good and looks like it was made for you!

  8. You rock mint better than anyone I know! I love this classic dress on you, and that fabric is just too fun 😉 Love all of the colors and the pairing with the belt – a fabulous dress!

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