Photo A Day

More of the Photo A Day challenge

15 November
In your bag.

Oh the joy of babies. My bag has now morphed into one large enough to carry all this. (Very little of this pile is for me.)

16 November
The view from your window.

Grapefruit tree and the hot water cylinder (from my bedroom window).

17 November
The last thing you bought.

Some chives to use in making vege dumplings for dinner tonight.

19 November
Something awesome.

Vintage orange light shades in our kitchen.

21 November
What you wore.

Green retro style Converse sneakers.

22 November

Sure, it may be obvious, but I am very grateful to have these two lovely people in my life. 🙂

23 November

One of a set of cups I bought in Shanghai.


One response to “Photo A Day

  1. That dude holding the baby has an awful haircut. I’m allowed to say that cos I’m that dude =)

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