Me-Made-May ’13 – part 1

Hello everyone! It’s time for Me-Made-May ’13!

My pledge for this year was to wear every item of me-made clothing I have that a) fits me, and b) fits my current lifestyle (i.e. baby-friendly) during the course of May. I’ve also decided that I’m going to critique every me-made garment I wear, and improve anything that bugs me even a little bit about it. Your thoughts and opinions on this would be most appreciated, as I try to make my me-made wardrobe better than it was at the start of the month! If I’m feeling brave, I’ll do a little wrap-up post at the end of the month, and review how many of those changes/improvements I’ve done during May.

Since I’ll be writing a bit more about each garment, I’m planning on doing Me-Made-May posts every five days. (Or that’s the plan, anyway!)

So, here goes….

1 May
1 May
Me-made Martha dress
Glassons cardigan (from a clothes swap)
Columbine grey tights
Dr Marten grey heels (with skulls and roses embossed on the toes!)

Thoughts on today’s Me-Made garment – the waistline is too high, and I’m considering unpicking the bodice from the skirt and adding a strip of fabric between them to lower the waist by 1.5″. What do you all think – should I use a strip of the same fabric, or a contrasting one??

2 May
2 May
Me-made Backing Black cardigan
Made-by-my-mother wool jacket/cardigan
Warehouse nursing singlet
Illicit jeans (I didn’t realise how faded they are until I saw this photo! I’ve been wearing these for about 10 years now – yikes!!)
Adidas sneakers

Thoughts on today’s Me-Made garment – I can’t think of anything to improve about this one, actually! Next time, I’d add a bit more ease around the base to allow for the ric-rac removing the ease that’s in the fabric, but otherwise, I’m pretty happy with it. Not sure why I haven’t worn it for a few months, I think it’s time it saw the light of day once more!

3 May
3 May
Me-made Melissa dress
Max horse print cardigan
Vintage navy belt (from a thrift shop)
Columbine grey tights
Vintage pink slip (from a thrift shop, and I swear it wasn’t peeking out for most of the day!)
Blue shoes, I forget which brand/shop, purchased in Napier a while back
And a mug of warm tea on a cold and windy night!

Thoughts on today’s Me-Made garment – I love this dress! And I’m thinking about making this pattern again very soon, in the long-sleeved version for winter. I am going to add a snap fastener at the waist though, as the fabric gapes a little when there’s no belt worn with it. (The pattern calls for a self-made belt to keep it closed at the waist.)

4 May
4 May
Me-made Carrera dress
Made-by-my-mother knitted wrap cardigan
Nursing singlet from The Warehouse
Purple tights, printed down one side (from a clothes swap party)
Converse ultra-high top sneakers

Thoughts on today’s Me-Made garment – I’m actually pretty happy with this dress, nothing I’d change about it (well, not in this version, anyway! If I made it again, I might pinch out a little bit of the sides of the neckline to allow for stretch due to nursing a baby, but a large part of that is the property of this fabric, so maybe I wouldn’t even bother changing that….). No changes needed – yay!

5 May
5 May
Me-made Zoo Team shirt
Me-made Hungry Cat-erpillar skirt
Converse black-and-red plaid sneakers

Thoughts on today’s Me-Made garments: Firstly, the skirt. I love this skirt. I’m considering making another one in blue with fish swimming in shapes around the base. Not much more to say about that, really! Now, the shirt. I think this is starting to get a bit too loose around the waist, but I’ll give it another month before I take it in. (The last of the baby weight is slooowly but surely coming off! I think…?!?) There is one small change I do want to make though – the collar isn’t sitting quite flat where it joins the front at the notch (does that make any sense?), so I’m going to go back and trim the seam allowance to see if I can take out some of the bulk that’s stopping it from being as smooth as it should be. A nice, easy adjustment, I hope!

There we go – the first five days of Me-Made-May ’13! I’m quite enjoying taking a critical view of my me-made garments and putting them aside to adjust. You see, I’ve been changing from a do-it-fast to a do-it-better sewasauraus rex, so I’m looking at things a bit more critically. I figure this is a good thing. 🙂 (And mainly inspired by all of you other lovely people out there, who show off what you make and as a result are inspiring me to get better with my own creations! Thank you all – you’re a wonderful source of knowledge/inspiration/entertainment. 😀 )


7 responses to “Me-Made-May ’13 – part 1

  1. Looks like a very flexible baby-friendly wardrobe! With the sweet dress on day one, a pale pink waistband would be nice – only because in the photo the pink stands out the most. You’ll know what stands out the most in real life.
    Good luck with your critique idea!!

  2. It’s great to see your everyday style! It makes me want to sew lots and lots of shirt dresses.

    I think that adding a waistband to the dress might look odd if that was all you did, but if you also add some coordinating piping or trim or something it could look really cool. Maybe a bit like a diner dress? (That’s always what shirt dresses make me think of anyway – in a good way!)

  3. I too am trying to make adjustments to my me mades. my RTW stuff too actually. There are definitely things that always bother me about certain items and if I can adjust them I should and I will 🙂
    I think a self-fabric waistband for the first dress would look great.
    That wrap cardigan your mom knit is beautiful!

  4. Lusting after you grey shoes in the May 1 photo

  5. your, not you 🙂

  6. I love the idea of altering the MMM items! I know forcing myself to wear things I don’t normally reach for often reminds me of the reason I didn’t wear it in the first place, but it didn’t connect that I should actually do something about it! :p

  7. Agree that making myself wear me-mades can be difficult sometimes. My problem just now is not having enough me-mades in the closet, but your posts are inspiring me to do more!

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