The “Snow White” Cardigan

The Facts

Fabric: about 1 metre of wool/nylon blend knit, $1.50 from the Arthur Toye remnant bin years ago
Pattern: self-drafted
Year: current
Notions: 6 buttons from my stash (from an op shop for $0.10)
Time to complete: about 1.5 hours
First worn: to the movies to see Snow White and the Huntsman
Wear again? probably
Bump: 28 weeks
Total cost: about $1.60

This week’s Sew Weekly theme was all about other themes. Current fashion trends, to be precise. This challenge took a bit of research on my part – I have no idea what’s in fashion at the moment (aside from the ‘leggings as trousers’ trend that horribly enough continues to be worn, the peplums I’ve noticed appearing in shop windows, and leather. Hmmm. Combine those three and something truly awful will be born. That creation is probably already out there in a high-end fashion store, scarily enough.) Anyway, I went hunting online – turns out it’s a lot harder to find out what the current trends are online than you’d think! Then I browsed a couple of fashion magazines – a-ha! Turns out current trends include yellow, pastels, colour blocking, lace, sheer fabrics (in winter?!?!? Are they mad?!!!?!), leather, peplums, collars, and floral. Heck knows who comes up with these things – haven’t half of those been ‘on trend’ for a few years now? (Clearly, I’m a bit out of touch with trends these days. Oops!)

Anyway, after seeing that list, my first thought was to go with the ‘pastel’ theme and make a pretty pastel coloured cardigan with cute buttons. Guess what? Turns out I don’t have any pastel cardigan-friendly knits in my stash. (Which isn’t all that surprising, since I’m not a pastel kind of girl.) I did however find this wool/nylon blend lace knit lurking around, where it’s been in hiding for about a decade waiting to be made up. Lace is on trend, and I guess white is sort-of a pastel, right? Bingo – one white lace cardigan it is!

I must admit that I’m not 100% sure about this cardigan on me. I’m not too sure why. Perhaps because it’s white, and I’m not really a pale colours kind of girl? Or because it’s lace, and I’m not really a lace kind of girl either? Or it may be that I went with a higher neckline than usual. I don’t know. What do you think – is it ok, or does it not really suit me? I’m going to give it the benefit of the doubt for now and wear it a couple of times to see if it grows on me…..

The pattern was super-easy to make up. As it should be, since it’s one I drafted over a decade ago and have made up a heck of a lot of times in various ways, fabrics and styles over the years! Since I was making a cardigan, I added an inch to either side of the centre front so I could fold it back as facing. I sandwiched a layer of interfacing between the folds of the front and the facing, to add a bit of stability to the buttons and button holes. The entire thing was sewn with my overlocker – gotta love that machine, I’ve never regretted splashing out on it years ago, it’s one of my bestest sewing buddies. (Just like my sewing machine – gotta treat them equally after all, don’t want one of them getting their feelings hurt!) Only thing that wasn’t done on the overlocker was the buttons and button holes – sewing machine for the button holes, and hand sewing on the buttons.

This cardigan got it’s first outing to go and see ‘Snow White and the Huntsman’ at the movies (hence the cardigan’s name). We went to the Empire cinema. I love that place, I think it’s my favourite cinema in Wellington. It’s small and friendly, with only five rows of seats. You sit on two-person couches, with plenty of leg room, and there are baskets of cushions on the way into the theatre for you to use for sitting on/leaning against/having pillow fights with while waiting for the credits to roll. And they have those awesome old-skool lightbulbs around the sign out front. Love it.

Steve was trying out his new camera lens tonight – it’s designed for low-light shots like outdoors and inside. For some reason, there are a few green circles on a few of the photos – perhaps from the flash? Anyway, just ignore them – they’re not part of the cardigan and this was the lens’ first outing, so it can be forgiven for not being 100% right straight away. 🙂


8 responses to “The “Snow White” Cardigan

  1. Mayb u would like it more if you wore it over something “pretty” or “delicate”?? Im not a lace person so don’t ever wear it but to my mind lace is a very girly feminine fabric and that dress looks like nice heavy wellington weather fabric (and more what i tend to wear 🙂 ). Ha ha or team it with some lovely leather maternity trousers and be right on trend 😉 te he. But the again you are all about contrasts aren’t you 🙂

    Love ur ever growing bump 🙂 You look gorgeous!!!!

  2. Oh oh the Empire is my all time favourite too! I love that they do main stream movies in art film setting And the White Room is fabulous also (and not just because Fran sells some of my stuff) 🙂 Love the cardi. If you go off it, you can always dye it a bright colour.

    • I’m planning on indulging in going to the Empire lots when I’m on maternity leave – they have mums’n’bubs sessions each week. Yay!

  3. This is so pretty! I can feel a little overwhelmed and “girly” in lace, so I like to pair it with high leather boots or tougher items of clothing like that to balance it out.

    • Thanks! 🙂 I agree about the girliness of lace – it’s something I tend to avoid just because I’m not a particularly ‘girly’ girl, haha.

  4. KEWT. Your bump sits so high compared to mine! SO funny how different pregnancies feel and look… Hope you’re doing well! xoxo

    • Hehe, yeah, I’m finding it fascinating seeing how some of the girls I know are changing with pregnancy – we all look so different, and the bumps are growing at completely different rates! 🙂

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