Pajama Party – the Powder Room PJs

The Facts

Fabric: about 2m of craft cotton, gift from my mother last year to make pajama pants with
Notions: some 1″ wide elastic for the waist from my stash
Pattern: tracing around a pair I already own and love
Year: current
Time to complete: 45 minutes
First worn: For these photos
Wear again? Oh yes
Make again? Yep, this is the second time this year I’ve made some
Bump: 20 weeks (half way!)
Total cost: free! (Thanks, mum!)

Have you seen the pajama party that’s happening all around the sewing interwebs this weekend? Lots of crazy girls, home made PJ’s, and good book recommendations. What’s not to love?!

Late last year, my mother bought me this fabric to make some pajamas with. I must admit to being very tempted to turn it into something else instead – after all, it’s got lots of cute images of girls putting on make up and the like, and even bits of gold on the fabric! But when Karen invited us all to a pajama party, it seemed like the dithering about whether to use this fabric for it’s intended purpose or not was settled – pajama pants were needed, so pajama pants it would become.

Construction was nice and easy – I simply traced around a pair of PJ pants I already own that are nice and comfy, stitched ’em up and overlocked ’em. Turned over the waistband and stitched it down just over 1″ from the top, then ran some 1″ wide elastic (nice and wide so it’s more comfy to wear) around the waist. And done!

I made them so they sit quite low on my hips so they’re nice and comfy under that ever-growing bump.

And really, aren’t those little pics of lovely ladies adorable? I feel I should be painting my nails or have my hair in curlers while wearing these. Maybe next weekend…..

As for the question Karen asked about what book I’m reading at the moment? Well, she’s caught me at a bad time with that one. You see, I love books. Perhaps a bit too much. I go through stages where I find it nearly impossible to put them down, which results in sleepless nights and a grumpy me. When I get to that point, I need to just avoid books for a couple of weeks until my willpower returns. After reading the entire Hunger Games trilogy in 4 days (weekdays, I might add) the other week, I’m banned from books for a few more days. So I’m pouring over old House and Garden magazines instead, looking for inspiration for a kitchen renovation. (Which leads me to a question of my own – anyone got any good tips on things that make kitchens awesome? All input welcome!)

When I am allowing myself to read books again, top of the list is “the Book Thief”, which has been sitting there staring at me for a while now. Maybe later this week, if I feel I can control myself…..

In the meantime, wanna come join me for a hot blackcurrant drink?

21 responses to “Pajama Party – the Powder Room PJs

  1. Aw. I am deeply honoured and thrilled that a teeny baby has become part of The Pyjama Party. And that fabric is lush!

  2. Such a cute fabric for pjs!

  3. Nice! Love the fabric and you look spectacular in that patch of sunlight there. I know what you mean about reading fatigue XP

  4. I also LOVE the fabric & think that making it into PJs means that you’ll see it more than if it was made into something else. It’s making me rethink PJs actually – it’s nice to wear special fabric at night even if it’s just you, the man & the cat that gets to appreciate them (& sometimes the postman at the weekend if lazy!)

  5. Loving your pj’s, that fabric was meant for them! such a cute little bump too x

  6. Just found your blog via Pyjama Party. That fabric is absolutely adorable. So cute.

    I read novels like you do, the world just has to stop until I finish one. Consequently I don’t read novels so much any more, mostly non-fiction for me now. I am better able to control myself and actually put a book down before finishing it.

    For you kitchen renovation, have you signed up for Pinterest yet? It is a great way to find and organize ideas. If you haven’t signed up yet, I think you still need an invitation, email me and I will forward one to you.

    • Thank you! 🙂

      It’s a bit of a curse really, this lack of willpower when it comes to novels. I keep hoping I’ll grow out of it, but that’s a hope I should probably have given up on a good 15 years ago at least! :-p I must try the non-fiction idea, see how that goes….

      Pinterest is awesome, I spend far too much time on there, haha!

  7. Great fabric! And enjoy The Book Thief – it’s so beautiful x

    • Thanks! I’m quite looking forward to reading it – it keeps appearing on annual top-100 book lists over here. 🙂

  8. These are too cute! That fabric is amazing!

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  10. I adore your pants! That fabric is too fun – your Mum has great taste, I think 🙂 AND OMG – tell me what you thought of the Hunger Games – you just left me hanging there!!

    • I loved the Hunger Games! Strong concept, good characters (very ‘real’), engaging writing style. Some parts could have used a bit of work, but it is aimed at a young adult audience, so I reckon it was pitched about right for them. Should hopefully get a few good conversations going around schools! (Bit sad about how they portrayed Peeta’s character in the movie, though. 😦 )

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  12. Oh what divine fabric. Perfect pj material. Your mum has great taste! 🙂

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