The “Winter Blossom” Top

The Facts

Fabric: 0.5 metres of merino knit, ~$15 from Lavana Textiles
Pattern: self-drafted
Year: 2001
Notions: none
Time to complete: 45 minutes
First worn: Good Friday, messing around the house and wandering to the Truby King gardens
Wear again? Oh yes, for as long as I can comfortably fit it
Total cost: ~$15
Bump: 17 weeks

A few months ago (like, half a year ago now), Steve and I went for a long weekend up in Taupo. We took the Friday off work to drive up there, which meant we were going through Levin on one of the days the fabulous Levana textiles factory shop was open. Yay! Naturally, I had to twist Steve’s arm until he let me indulge in looking at all the pretty fabrics for a little while.

While stroking all the pretty fabrics, this merino jumped out at me and demanded to be taken home. It was rather pricey – if I remember correctly, it was around $30 per metre, which is quite a bit more than what I usually spend on fabric. I umm-ed and aah-ed, but in the end I had to give in to it. Just. Figuring half a metre should be enough for a cardigan, half a metre came home with me.

And ever since then, it’s been sitting in my stash, waiting for me to be brave enough to tackle using a small piece of fabric.

This week’s theme over on Sew Weekly was “sewing with VIP fabric — those very important pieces in our stashes that need to finally see the light of day..” I’ve got a fair number of VIP fabrics in my stash – the main question became – which can I use that would work with a pregnant belly? And thus this pretty merino came out into the light of day once more!

It decided it didn’t want to be a cardigan though. No – it wanted to be a fitted top that could be worn under cardigans and pinafore dresses, and keep me warm and cozy from autumn through until spring. I have another merino top in this style that I made a few years ago, and it always gets a lot of wear – it’s about time I made another one, really.

I like how this top turned out – it’s a good length and a good level of fitted-ness. Since I want to be able to wear it post-pregnancy, I made it in my ‘normal’ size, rather than in a pregnancy size. Which means I’ll probably only get a couple of week’s wear out of it before my belly is too big, but it’ll be on high rotation during those two weeks, that’s for sure!

The floral print is what really drew me to this fabric – I love it. I’m not entirely sure what the blossoms are – anyone want to hazard a guess?

The pattern is one I drafted back in 2001. It’s made a lot of tops since then! It’s very much my go-to knit tops pattern – made to my measurements, it nips in at the waist and flares out over the hips, which means the tops I make using it don’t do that annoying pulling-up-and-bunching-at-the-waist thing over the course of the day. The whole top was made using my overlocker. (I do love my overlocker, yes indeed.)

My new ‘Winter Blossom’ top got its first outing on Good Friday (which also happened to be the day I made it). Since the weather was so lovely, Steve and I went for a wander up around the Truby King gardens. I love that place – the amount of thought and effort Dr Truby King put into making those gardens for his wife; the history of the Plunkett foundation and Karitane nurses that began up there; the overgrown gardens, tumbling down bricks, and cracks in the old concrete. Finding it was like stumbling upon a secret garden.


8 responses to “The “Winter Blossom” Top

  1. It’s a beautiful top – well worth the price for such nice fabric! And the location where you took the pictures is gorgeous!

  2. Sooo Pretty Kat! 🙂 Great work! 🙂

  3. Gorgeous material 🙂

  4. Nice! And extra points for having drafted it yourself! The print is very pretty too.

  5. FANTASTIC! And bravo for drafting this pattern, you rockstar you.

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