The “Powder Room” Slippers

After all of the pajama party fun last week, I felt like carrying on with making comfy lounging wear. (That, and the weather suddenly turned rather cold and I didn’t have any slippers. Not a good combination, with wooden floors.) So, I made slippers!

The Facts
Fabric: scraps from my stash – cotton, polar fleece, and vinyl-type-stuff
Pattern: Simplicity 2778
Year: 1958
Notions: about 30cm of elastic for the back, bits of interfacing all over, and a length of bias binding
Time to make: 2.5 hours
First worn: as soon as I finished making them
Wear again?: yep
Total cost: maybe around $2 for the bias binding?

I used a pattern from 1958 – Simplicity 2778. They were pretty easy to put together, although I must admit they took me a bit longer than I expected. (For some reason, I always think small things will be fast to make? Heck knows why – it’s not like size has anything to do with complexity when it comes to sewing. *shrug*) I do have a small gripes with the pattern though, which is a bit unusual. Firstly, it completely forgot to instruct to cut out facings for the slipper uppers. It mentions the interfacing and the upper, and that’s it. It’s only when you get to the “with wrong sides together, based facing to upper slipper” part that I went “huh? What facing?” and had to go cut some out. Grrr. Oh well, they came together quite well in the end, and I’m wearing them now and loving them, so it was just a small annoyance.

I used the scraps from making my Powder Room PJs, because it’s cute fabric, and also I like the idea of having slippers that match my PJs. It makes me giggle a little with joy. 🙂 I lined them with red polar fleece for some winter snuggliness, and used some black vinyl-like stuff from my stash for semi-waterproof soles. Next time, I’ll make the soles thicker though – with this style of slipper, they need to be quite stiff so they don’t flop around. (Although I’m not sure how well that will work at the points where you have to stitch bias binding over 8 layers of fabric…. Hmmm…..)

They’ll keep my feet warm and cozy from our wooden floors, and I figure they’ll be especially useful in a few months when I end up having to get up several times a night to feed the little creature once it arrives. Therefore, I’m considering these a part of the Sew Baby challenge – in the categories of ‘separates’ and ‘vintage’.

17 responses to “The “Powder Room” Slippers

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  3. Oh cool and they look very professionally done! Did you use a special needle for the vinyl?

    • Thanks! Nope, just a standard needle. The vinyl is quite thin – it’s actually a dress fabric, with stretch to it. Odd stuff, not quite sure why I bought about 3-4 metres of it a few years back…. One day I’ll figure out what to use it for!

  4. Love, love, love these! And especially that they match your lovely pjs too. I know exactly what you mean about the little things taking longer than the bigger things…. crazy isn’t it?! 🙂

    • Haha, yeah, I know size has nothing to do with complexity, but my mind just doesn’t seem to fully want to grasp that logic. :-p

  5. I think I saw somewhere that you can create a nonslip sole by using strong fabric and squiggling fabric paint over it. The idea was that the paint created a surface that grips rather than slips. Now how long this lasts, and if it really works are two unknowns. Slipper socks in the department stores have dots and lines on the soles. You could try that. I think you slippers are terrific and hope you experiment more and make several pairs.

    • Hmmm, that’s an interesting idea…. I’ll have to give that a go for the next pair! Thanks for the tip. 🙂

  6. These look fantastic! Well done! I just love the fabric too!!

  7. These are adorable! Now I need some pajamas with matching slipper!

    • I highly recommend a matching set as a way to brighten the morning. They make me smile, and I am totally not a morning person! 😉

  8. ADORABLE!! I absolutely love these, and these will definitely be perfect for those nights with the baby. If you’re going to be up, might as well be stylish!

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