Self Stitched September – days 6-10

6 September

  • Me-altered vest (it used to be a jersey)
  • Store bought merino top
  • Me-made ‘ello Dollface skirt

7 September

8 September

9 September
I completely forgot to get a photo today. Oops! But I can tell you that I wore the following:

  • Me-made black merino cardigan (what can I say? It’s a wardrobe staple!)
  • Me-made Mod Ascot dress
  • Over-the-knee purple socks and black ultra-high-top Cons

10 September

  • My-mother-made purple handknitted wrap jersey
  • Me-altered black merino top
  • Me-made red skirt with yellow pinstripes
  • And the ever-classy-around-the-house purple fluffy slippers. Oh yeah!

And we’re 1/3rd of the way through Self-Stitched September 2011 already!

2 responses to “Self Stitched September – days 6-10

  1. Ooo I just looove the housewife skirt with the plaid top. Absolutely gorgeous!

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