MPM – black merino top

Eek! How on earth has it managed to be a week since I’ve sat down to do online stuff?!? Scary….

Anyway, here’s a short, belated post from last Monday’s Mending Pile Monday.

I went for a bit of a lucky-dip project this time and pulled something at random from my mending pile. Which turned out to be a high-necked black merino top. This one, in fact:

A few years ago, I went through a brief phase of buying high-necked tops. Before I realised that they don’t suit me and I don’t even like wearing them. So this merino top has been languishing for a while, waiting for me to adjust it’s neck so I’ll wear it again. About half a hour later, it looked like this:

The neckline is now a wide, low one, so I can wear it easily under dresses and other tops without having to constantly tug the underneath neckline down out of sight.

And I’m pleased to say I’ve already worn it twice since Monday, so that’s one black merino top successfully migrated from the mending pile to the wardrobe. 🙂

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