‘ello Dollface

Another week, another Sew Weekly challenge! This week, the topics is “And the Winner is…”, in honour of the fast-approaching Academy Awards. For this week’s challenge, we had to create something inspired by one of the winners (or nominees) of past Academy Awards for Best Costume Design.

So many movies, so many different styles, so many fun choices!! I spent about two hours on Friday evening pouring through images of the past winners, trying to decide what to make. I was very tempted by Pleasantville, with it’s gorgeous 1950’s style outfits. This dress in particular caught my attention, and I fully intend to do something based on it one day. But then I thought, I do a lot of 1950’s style dresses. I really should branch out and do something a little bit different this week!

I briefly toyed with the idea of doing something based on an unexpected film, such as The Addams Family or Star Wars, but that moment passed me by. Just as well, really – I’m not quite sure how much use I’d get from a Princess Leia style dress!

Eventually, I got it down to three options. The classic outfit from Roman Holiday, a pretty shirtdress from The English Patient, or one of these outfits from Guys and Dolls. It was a rather hard choice! Roman Holiday nearly won out, but the lure of making a pencil skirt (which is something I’ve been meaning to do for ages) caught me in the end, so I took my inspiration for this weeks challenge from the right-hand outfit in this photo from the Guys and Dolls movie (which was a nominee for the Best Costume Design Academy Award for colour in 1955).

Now, I realise that the outfit in this picture is actually a pair of trousers, but when I first saw the photo it looked like a pencil skirt, so I’m sticking with first impressions and I made myself a pencil skirt. 😉 I decided not to make a shirt, mainly because I don’t have any fabric in the easily-accessible part of my stash that would be suitable. Once all these renovations are finished and I can get a lot more of my stash out of storage and into the craft area of my room, I’ll see what I have that I can make a shirt with, but for this challenge, I had to do something a bit different. Since the vest-over-shirt combination wasn’t going to happen this week, I did a knit top with mid-length sleeves and a neckline that can be worn either by itself, or over a shirt.

The Facts

The Top:
Fabric: approximately 0.8m of acrylic blend knit that’s been in my stash for so long I have no idea where it came from or how much it cost.
Pattern: I used a basic knit top pattern I drafted back in 2001 and modified it as I went.
Year: inspired by mid-1950’s
Notions: none
Time to Complete: 1 hour
Wear again? yes

The Skirt:
Fabric: About 1m of charcoal rough-weave denim-weight cotton drill. Once again, been in my stash so long I don’t know where it came from or how much it cost! Waistband interfaced with scraps left over from my Domestic Goddess dress, just for an added touch of fun 🙂
Pattern: Basic skirt sloper I drafted back in 2001
Year: inspired by mid-1950’s
Notions: 23cm invisible zipper ~$4
Time to complete: 1 hour
Wear again? definitely

Total cost: I have no idea! But for the outfit, probably around $12 at a guess.

I’m pretty happy with how this outfit turned out. Pencil skirts have never really been my thing, but I actually really like this one, and I can see myself getting a lot of wear out of it! I think I might wear it to work tomorrow, to start with….. (In fact, I suspect this may be the beginning of a number of pencil skirts being added to my wardrobe! And with pencil skirts, come wiggle dresses. A whole new 1950’s silhouette to try!)

Steve and I went out to Owhiro Bay to take some photos near sunset. It’s so beautiful around there – we’re going to have to head back there some day soon and do the 4km-each-way walk to Red Rocks. (We were planning on doing that for this photo shoot, but it was a bit further than we had planned, and we didn’t have enough daylight left sadly.)

Turns out the water was kinda cold!

There used to be a quarry here, and there are a few pieces of old buildings dotting the shoreline

4 responses to “‘ello Dollface

  1. FAB-U-LOUS photos! I absolutely LOVE them!

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