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The last 10 days of Self-Stitched September 2011

Gosh, Self-Stitched September 2011 went fast, didn’t it?! So many outfits I planned to wear, and I ran out of time to wear them all. My Hummingbird Skirt was just too appealing and kept shoving other garments out of the way. 😉

21 September
Ashamed though I am to admit it, I’ve lost the photos from the 21 September. 😦 Not only have I lost the photos, but I’ve also completely forgotten what I was wearing. Argh! I can tell you it would have been all self-stitched, with the probably exception of a merino top, though….

22 September

(See what I did there? I just made up for the lack of a photo from 21 September by putting three in for the 22 Sept. Ta-dah!)

Outfit details:

  • Me-made Strangers UFO jacket
  • Me-made June dress
  • Christina-made crochet scarf
  • Me-made black merino cardigan
  • Black Converse sneakers (although I was wearing black knee-high heeled boots all day at work)
  • Grey socks
  • Mini robot necklace

We took these photos on the walk home from work, in the Basin Reserve cricket ground. This little monument is to Mr Wakefield, who led the settler colony way back around 1840 or thereabouts. (I forget the exact details, although I did read the plaque with interest while we were there.) We spotted this little hedgehog chowing down on a muffin on the path – we decided to ‘rescue’ him and put him back up on the grass. Heck knows how he would have gotten back there otherwise, since he had two much-larger-than-a-hedgehog steps to climb.

23 September
Yep, another day where I forgot to get a photo. And yet again, I can’t remember what I wore. 😦 It was me-made, though!

24 September

(Yep, it was a bit of an off day, outfit wise. But then, I was just slouching around the house….)

25 September

  • My-mother-made handknitted purple wool wrap-around jersey
  • Me-made green skirt
  • Long black socks
  • Grey-blue shoes

26 September

  • Me-made black merino cardigan
  • Black waist belt (purchased, and hidden under the cardigan)
  • Me-made Oriental 60’s dress
  • Black tights
  • Silver feather necklace

27 September

  • Me-made Strangers UFO jacket
  • Me-made red striped skirt
  • Trelise Cooper white muslin skirt (worn as a petticoat, and purchased off TradeMe second hand)
  • Me-made black merino cardigan
  • Me-made aubergine merino tee
  • Christina-made crochet scarf
  • Black tights
  • Black slouch boots

28 September

Once again, I forgot to get an outfit post today. But I did get one at work as part of the Wednesday Wardrobe Challenge, so I’m sneakily using that here instead. Hopefully the other two lovely ladies (who shall remain nameless for this post) won’t mind…..

  • Me-made August dress
  • White cardigan from an op-shop (this dress wanted to be worn with white, so I had to resort to a purchased one, sadly)
  • Silver spanner necklace

29 September

30 September

  • Me-made Southern Girl dress
  • Purple wool cardigan from an op shop (by this stage, I’m completely sick of the sight of that black merino cardigan!)
  • Pink tulle flower hair pin
  • Grey socks
  • Black ultra-hi Converse sneakers

And there we have it, folks – we’ve come to the end of Self-Stitched September 2011! It’s been fun. Can’t wait for the next one! 🙂

Self-Stitched September days 16-20

16 September

  • Me-made Hummingbird skirt
  • Me-made purple merino fitted tee
  • Store-bought red cardigan
  • Necklace made from a vintage souvenir teaspoon

17 September

18 September

  • Me-made Strangers UFO jacket
  • Crochet scarf made by my friend Christina
  • Hand knitted cardigan made by my mother
  • Me-made purple merino tee
  • Me-made denim skirt with orange inset at back
  • Store bought grey merino top
  • Necklace made from a vintage Crown Lynn plate

19 September

20 September

  • Me-made black merino cardigan (surprise! Not.)
  • Blue merino top from a clothes swap
  • Me-made side-tail skirt
  • Silver feather necklace

Self Stitched September days 11-15

11 September

  • Made-by-my-mother orange wrap handknitted wool jersey (thanks mum!)
  • Crochet scarf made by my friend Christina (thanks Christina!)
  • Made-by-me Hummingbird skirt
  • Altered-by-me black merino top
  • Plaid jacket – used to belong to the aforementioned Christina, who gave it to me when she moved back to LA
  • Long black socks
  • Yellow Adidas sneakers

12 September

  • Me-made Oriental 60’s dress
  • Me-made black merino cardigan (not worn in photo)
  • Silver feather necklace
  • Black vinyl waist belt
  • Bright pink tights (oh la la!)
  • Black patent leather high heels (also not worn in the photo)

13 September

  • Me-made black merino cardigan (again)
  • Me-adjusted black merino top (again – clearly, I need to make myself some more warm tops just for the variety in me-made months!)
  • Me-made Optimistic skirt (first time worn!)
  • Dice necklace
  • Black lacy tights
  • Black knee-high boots (not worn in pic)
  • And for another accessory – Blossom Bunny!

14 September

  • Me-made 70’s lounge cardigan
  • Store bought burgundy merino top
  • Me-made 70’s lounge skirt (first time worn!)
  • ‘Barrel of Monkeys’ necklace (with close up, coz I think it’s cute and wanted to show you)
  • Chocolate brown fishnet tights
  • Black knee-high boots (not worn in photo)

15 September

  • Me-made black merino cardigan (sick of the sight of it yet?!?)
  • Me-made Something Floral Something Blue dress
  • Vintage navy blue belt
  • Black tights
  • Blue patent leather shoes (see? I do own shoes other than the Converse sneakers and the slippers I’m usually wearing in photos! I wore these home from work just so I could prove it to you all. 😉 )

And that brings us to half way through the month!

My goal for this weekend – make some new cardigans or jerseys to wear to work so you don’t have to see me wear the same black merino cardigan 5/7 days next week as well……

Self Stitched September – days 6-10

6 September

  • Me-altered vest (it used to be a jersey)
  • Store bought merino top
  • Me-made ‘ello Dollface skirt

7 September

8 September

9 September
I completely forgot to get a photo today. Oops! But I can tell you that I wore the following:

  • Me-made black merino cardigan (what can I say? It’s a wardrobe staple!)
  • Me-made Mod Ascot dress
  • Over-the-knee purple socks and black ultra-high-top Cons

10 September

  • My-mother-made purple handknitted wrap jersey
  • Me-altered black merino top
  • Me-made red skirt with yellow pinstripes
  • And the ever-classy-around-the-house purple fluffy slippers. Oh yeah!

And we’re 1/3rd of the way through Self-Stitched September 2011 already!

Self-Stitched September 2011 – days 1-5

Hooray for Self-Stitched September 2011! A brilliant reason to wear as many me-made garments as I can in one month. 🙂 I’m aiming to wear a different outfit each day as well – the theory is that that way I’ll cycle through some of my less-commonly-worn me-made items.

So, here’s the first five days….

1 September

2 September

3 September

(Disclaimer: I must admit, I didn’t wear this all day. It was a gardening-and-housework day, so I was slouching around in old jeans and a hoodie. But I had a girls get-together at my place in the evening, so pulled out the red dress for the occasion.)

4 September

5 September

(Disclaimer number 2: once again, I’m likely to be getting a lot of my Self-Stitched September photos either on the way home or at home. Which means I’ll be wearing either my walking shoes or my slippers. Most of my collection of high heels stays at work, under my desk. So you won’t get to see them. Sorry. Maybe one day, I’ll do a week-of-shoes post and take sneaky photos of my shoes each day. Just to show them some love as well.)

So, there we have it – the first 5 days of Self-Stitched September. Yay! So far, so good. Now to go and plan my outfit for tomorrow……

Self Stitched September ’11!

The lovely Zoe has just launched her next self-stitched challenge – Self-stitched-September ’11. Yay! I’ve been hoping she’d do a September challenge – the last two self-stitched months have really bought home to me the gaps in my me-made wardrobe, and I’m determined to fill some of those for the September challenge.

So, here’s my pledge:

I, Kat of, sign up as a participant of Self-Stitched-Sept ’11. I endeavour to wear at least one, and hopefully entirely, self-stitched garments each day for the duration of September 2011!

I’m starting to think about the gaps in my me-made wardrobe that I may need to get filled in order to wear entirly me-made outfits during September. So far, I think I’ll need to make the following:

  • Jeans
  • Merino tops for under dresses
  • A couple of cardigans in colours other than black and dark brown
  • A warm jacket (I’m already part-way through making this one, so it’s a good reason to get it finished!)
  • More underwear
  • Trousers for work
  • A hoodie

And I’m sure I’ll come up with some more as the month progresses. I doubt I’ll get all of those made before September begins, but I’ll see how far I get! I’m going to try and get a few done as some of the next Sew Weekly challenges…..