Self-Stitched September 2011 – days 1-5

Hooray for Self-Stitched September 2011! A brilliant reason to wear as many me-made garments as I can in one month. 🙂 I’m aiming to wear a different outfit each day as well – the theory is that that way I’ll cycle through some of my less-commonly-worn me-made items.

So, here’s the first five days….

1 September

2 September

3 September

(Disclaimer: I must admit, I didn’t wear this all day. It was a gardening-and-housework day, so I was slouching around in old jeans and a hoodie. But I had a girls get-together at my place in the evening, so pulled out the red dress for the occasion.)

4 September

5 September

(Disclaimer number 2: once again, I’m likely to be getting a lot of my Self-Stitched September photos either on the way home or at home. Which means I’ll be wearing either my walking shoes or my slippers. Most of my collection of high heels stays at work, under my desk. So you won’t get to see them. Sorry. Maybe one day, I’ll do a week-of-shoes post and take sneaky photos of my shoes each day. Just to show them some love as well.)

So, there we have it – the first 5 days of Self-Stitched September. Yay! So far, so good. Now to go and plan my outfit for tomorrow……

One response to “Self-Stitched September 2011 – days 1-5

  1. LOVING the red dress – you sexy thing you 😀

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