70’s lounge

I loved this week’s Sew Weekly challenge – to make something inspired by outfits we wore when we were children. How fun is that?! πŸ™‚

70's lounge outfit

The Facts:

Fabric: Skirt: 2 metres of vintage cotton velvet, from my mother’s fabric stash. 1.5 metres of grey lining ~$5. Cardigan: 1 metre of soft knit acrylic ~$6.
Pattern: Skirt: Simplicity 6619 ~$2. Cardigan: self-drafted pattern.
Year: Skirt: 1974. Cardigan: 2011.
Notions: Skirt: 18cm zip ~$3, vintage hook and eye. Cardigan: 20cm of hook-and-eye tape, ~$2.
Time to complete: Skirt: 3 hours (since I accidentally left the lining out when I put the waistband on, so had to unpick it to add the lining – oops!). Cardigan: 1.5 hours.
Will I wear it? Yes, definitely! I’m loving the skirt, and the cardigan will go well with a lot of my 1950’s style dresses – I made it a cropped style so it goes with their full skirts. πŸ™‚

Total cost: Skirt: $10, cardigan: $8.

(Please excuse the wrinkles in the skirt – we’re about to hop on a plane to Beijing so I ran out of time to iron it!)

Sadly all of my childhood photos are down at my parent’s place in Dunedin, so I couldn’t get them in time for this week’s challenge. Sorry folks, no childhood photos for you to look at just yet!

Since I couldn’t remember any outfits from when I was a kid, I based my challenge outfit this week on other things that I do fondly remember from childhood – the colours of my parent’s house when I was growing up. the lounge was all brown and cream – brown and cream floral carpet and curtains, cream wallpaper, and an awesome dark green lounge suite with burnt orange cushions. Awesome! We had so much fun playing and building forts with those cushions when we were kids. Aaaahhhh, fond memories! Bliss. πŸ™‚

My parent’s kitchen was fantastically 70’s as well – orange, yellow and cream floral wallpaper and curtains, cream cupboards with bright orange doors. So good! I wish my mother hadn’t changed it a few years ago – now it’s all pretty cream and blue, but it just doesn’t have that character I loved about their old kitchen. I was pretty stoked when I went down home at Christmas and was doing some sorting out of a storage cupboard and found a roll of wallpaper from my parents kitchen. So I hijacked it and bought it home – when I do up my kitchen I’m going to figure out a way to incorporate it somewhere, yeah!

My mother's old kitchen wallpaper - groovy baby!

The fabric I used for the skirt this week was from my mother’s stash – I ‘rescued’ it from there a few years ago and have just been waiting for the right project to use it on. It’s a lovely, soft cotton velvet with little dark-green and yellow flowers all over it. I’m not sure how old it is, but it feels and looks like it’s actually from the 70’s. My mother can’t remember what she used it for back then, but I’m imagining I used to have something out of it, coz it just seems like it would be rather awesome for it to have come full-circle and for me to now have a skirt out of it. πŸ™‚

Here’s the pattern I used for this week – I used the skirt, and lengthened it.

Simplicity 6619

The chocolate brown for the cardigan totally reminds me of childhood – the colours of the house, and also all the hand-made sweatshirts and hand-knitted jerseys mum used to make us. This whole outfit is kinda like a hug from the past. πŸ™‚

The necklace is one that reminds me of childhood as well – it’s made from an old Crown Lynn plate. For those who aren’t from NZ – Crown Lynn was THE brand that everyone had dinner sets in back when we were kids. My mother used to have the Blue Sapphire set – white, with blue flowers. It was awesome, yes indeed. I’ve been collecting Crown Lynn myself, I love it so much!

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