Me-Made-May ’12, week 2

Just to mix it up a bit, this week for Me-Made-May I thought I’d share with you some of the colours around my house. (Also, it’s dark by the time I get home from work, and I’m getting rather bored of taking photos just in front of my wardrobe door. No matter how much I love my wardrobe (or it’s contents, anyway!), the door isn’t all that interesting for a month of photos….

So, here we go…..!

7 May

Cardigan from Glassons
Me-made Generations dress (first time worn!)
Black merino top from Glassons
Narrow pink belt (above the bump) from Glassons (hmmm, I could be a sales pitch for Glassons this week… Disturbing.)
Bambi necklace from the Govett-Brewster art gallery
Black lace knee-high socks from a shop in Tokyo
Mona Lisa shoes from Sole footwear
House colours: curtains over the back door and the newly-painted yellow wall in what will be my sewing room sometime in the future

8 May

Me-made Journey dress
Burgundy merino top from 32 South
Vintage belt from an op shop
Barrel of Monkeys necklace from Miss G
Long grey socks (Columbine, perhaps?)
And my oh-so-classy walking home shoes. (Imagine these as knee-high black heeled boots instead, ‘k?)
House colours: purple couch with a snuggly orange-and-white blanket folded over one arm

9 May

Jacket from my friend Christina
Me-made 70’s lounge cardigan
Dress from last weekend’s clothes swap party
Origami crane necklace from an NZ jewellery
Black footless maternity tights
Dr Marten black knee-high high heel boots
House colours: green walls in what will be the baby’s room

10 May
No photo today I’m afraid – it was a bad pregnancy day, so I crawled into bed after work without the energy to take a photo. 😦 I can tell you that I wore my me-made Generations dress though. I do love that dress, may have to make another one using that pattern sometime soon…..

11 May
And again, no photo. Nothing me-made, either. Once again, all due to pregnancy exhaustion. *sigh* Bring on tomorrow!
12 May
And we’re back!

Me-made Kindy cardi
Me-made Braveheart dress
Pink merino top from Glassons
Over-the-knee black socks
Black Converse sneakers
Lovebirds necklace by Boh Runga
House colours – back in my bedroom, with yellow walls, white trim and doors, and blue-grey carpet

13 May

Me-made Kindy cardi
Tshirt fabric dress from last weekend’s clothes swap (sooo comfy! Yay!)
Pink merino top from Glassons
Black ribbed maternity tights from Columbine
Skull and bow necklace from Iko Iko
And topped off with my me-made Powder Room slippers
House colours – the green walls, white trim and dark blue curtains in the baby’s room. Along with some random items of furniture and tools that are either leaving the house soon or finding new homes. (It always amazes me how quickly an empty room fills up with ‘stuff’. Eek!)

And there we have it folks – week two of Me-Made-May ’12!

4 responses to “Me-Made-May ’12, week 2

  1. i love that flowery skirt! You are going great guns with the MMM. Well done.

  2. Those are all awesome outfits! I hope you feel less tired this week 🙂

  3. you look fantastic my friend! I love your new-to-you t shirt dress paired with that cardi and the Generations dress paired with the blue cardi and those tights 🙂

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