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The final days of Me-Made-May ’12

Wow, a whole month of Me-Made-May has gone by so quickly! Eek! Once again, all those plans I had of making lots of lovely new things to wear during May haven’t really come to fruition. Ah well, one of these me-made months I’ll be completely organised in advance! (Yeah, right.)

But here they are, the last outfits for this Me-Made-May…..

28 May

Mustard yellow cardi from Glassons
Red merino top from a clothes swap
Me-made Generations dress
Black maternity tights from Columbine
Grey heels with skulls and roses embossed on them from Dr Martens

29 May

Petrol blue cardi from Glassons
Red merino top from a clothes swap
Scarf from the lovely Debi in Scotland
Me-made Hey, Baby! dress (first time worn!)
Black maternity tights from Columbine
Adidas sneakers from walking home (imagine this outfit with burgundy heeled saddle shoe type shoes instead, ok?)
And my cat Kahlua sitting next to me. Ain’t she cute? 😉

30 May

Pink cardigan from a clothes swap (or maybe an op shop? I forget….)
Burgundy merino top from 32 South
Me-made Generations dress
Black maternity tights from Columbine
Tan-and-purple high heels from I Love Paris
Check it out – we have a meeting room with beanbags and stencils of Optimus Prime in our office. How cool is that? (Side note: beanbags are not all that comfy when you’re a few months preggers, although not as hard to get out of as one might think). I’m trying to pretend I’m holding Optimus’ hand, but it’s a bit hard to hold the hand of a stencilled Transformer, as it turns out…..

31 May
The last day of Me-Made-May ’12!

Me-made 70’s Lounge cardigan
Burgundy merino top from 32 South
Me-made Journey dress
Black knee-high socks
And my walking-home-from-work sneakers

And now, just for the heck of it, want to see how much ‘the bump’ has grown over May? Here’s photos from 3 May and 31 May, side-by-side….. (And no, I can’t fit into that brown plaid dress comfortably anymore.)

So, what did I learn from Me-Made-May ’12?

  • I still need to make more separates. And more cardigans. I learn this every time, yet every time there’s a me-made month, I still don’t have anywhere enough of either of those things!
  • I get bored with my outfits a lot faster when I’m taking photos of them every day. Wearing an outfit once every week doesn’t seem that boring, until you have photographic evidence that you’ve done it, and you want to share those photographs. Then it starts getting a bit dull….. Hmmmm….. Not a problem I’ve run into with me-made months before, but then, about 90% (at least) of my me-made wardrobe is currently unwearable, so I expect this to correct itself more-or-less by the time the next me-made month rolls on by 🙂
  • Roping in other people to help take photos makes things a bit more fun – it was a nice random diversion during the working day to go and hunt down an interesting meeting room that wasn’t in use for an outfit photo. I’m thinking next me-made month it’ll be a good excuse to catch up with various friends for coffee/lunch more often, for photos in random places and with lovely people
  • I like me-made months. They’re awesome, and having to take a photo every day makes me think about what I’m wearing a bit differently too (even if I don’t do anything differently)

And there’s another me-made month been and gone! It was fun. I’m looking forward to the next one, and plan to actually sew up a lot more cardigans for it so you don’t have to see the same few on high rotation! 😉

Me-Made-May ’12 – week 4

Would you believe it? We’re on to week 4 of Me-Made-May ’12 already!

And here are some outfit photos to prove it….

21 May

Duffle coat from Glassons
Hat handknitted by my mother (I got it as a Christmas present – thanks, mum!)
Scarf – gift from the lovely Debi
Me-made black merino cardigan
Dress on loan for maternity wear from my friend Gill
Black maternity leggings
Converse sneakers to walk home in
1970’s vintage bag from a clothes swap
And a view over part of Wellington harbour at 5.30pm as Steve and I walked home from work. Pretty lights on the water. 🙂

23 May

Me-made Piratical cardigan
Black merino top from Glassons
Long black skirt from NZ designer Humanity Creations
Bug necklace from a little shop in Taupo
Knee-high black and white patterned socks, bought in Beijing
Black Converse sneakers (once again, walking-home shoes)
And just for fun, meet my favourite pin cushion! He’s a little pig in the colours of my home province that my mother gave me when I moved to Wellington

Ok, I admit it – you’ve seen this outfit before. Sadly I’m finding Me-Made-May a bit repetitive this time ’round, since my wardrobe choices are so limited. Hopefully you’re not all getting too bored with the photos! :-/ I’m working on something else, should be finished in the next day or two, and then there’ll be another me-made wardrobe item to add into the rotation for the rest of the month…..

24 May
I was bored with my outfit today, so didn’t take a photo. Sorry! Me-made item was my Piratical cardigan again, just like yesterday. I figured you didn’t need to see it twice in a row. 😉

25 May

Duffel coat from Glassons
Scarf from the lovely Debi in Scotland
Me-made black merino cardigan
Dress from a clothes swap party
Black maternity tights by Lyric
Black Converse sneakers for the walk home
And a view over part of Wellington harbour at dusk on our way home from work

26 May
Too tired for photos today, but I can tell you I wore my me-made Owls About It dress. I do like that dress, yes indeed…..

27 May

Me-made Kindy cardi
Pink merino top from Glassons
Black maternity-friendly dress on loan from a friend
Knee-high socks with flowers and polka dots from Columbine
Black Converse sneakers (as per usual this week)
Bug necklace from a shop in Taupo

Me-Made-May week 3

Ready for the third week of Me-Made-May ’12 in pictures? Here we go!

Random photo theme this week is work-related. Around my office, we have some rather creative meeting rooms. No two are the same, and I love them all. So this week, I thought I’d share some of them with you, just for the fun of it. (And a big thank-you to my friend-and-colleage Gill, who was my photographer for the week!)

14 May

Me-made ‘ello Dollface top
Purple merino top from Glassons (anyone starting to pick up on one of my winter wardrobe staples yet?!?)
Black knit skirt from Obi (from a clothes swap at some point, I think)
Floral and polka dot knee-high socks from Columbine
Dr Marten knee-high boots
Bird necklace from Equip
Meeting room: what I call ‘The Conservatory’. It’s got funky wooden lampshades, lots of little shelves with plants in pots, and a bunch of plants in upside-down planters dangling from the roof. So much greenery in one place, it always smells fresh and spring-like. Great to hang out in in the middle of winter!

15 May

Me-made black merino cardigan
Dress from a clothes swap party
Purple merino top from Glassons
Black maternity tights from Lyric
Burgundy shoes from Sole
Bug necklace from a little shop in Taupo
Meeting room: known by many names, including ‘The Green Room’, ‘The Park Room’, and (my favourite) ‘The Narnia Room’. Also known as the uncomfortable room, as quite frankly those bench seats aren’t particularly good to sit on for long. The carpet-that-looks-like-long-grass, on the other hand, is very comfy to sit on for a meeting.

16 May

Me-made Braveheart dress (yes, again! It’s getting a bit too small now though, so after today it got regulated to the things-to-wear-post-pregnancy section of my wardrobe)
Burgundy merino top from Glassons
Meeting room: the other one with park benches, carpet that represents grass, and a lamppost. Only this one has paintings of bamboo on the wall, and a very (veeeeery) scary gnome in one corner. The gnome freaked me out so much I couldn’t get a photo of it. *shudder*

17 May

Me-made Journey dress
Cardigan from Glassons
Coat from Glassons
Scarf – gift from the lovely Debi in Scotland as part of last year’s Sew Weekly patterns swap
Knee-high woolly socks
Adidas sneakers to walk home in
No random meeting room today – instead you get a quick shot of Wellington harbour at dusk as Steve and I walked home. Isn’t the harbour and sky such a pretty pale pink?

18 May

Me-made Owls About It dress (first time worn!)
Burgundy merino top from Glassons
Maternity leggings from Lyric
Converse sneakers
Vintage belt from an op-shop in Rangiora
Kate Sylvester sunglasses

19 May
No pic today as the outfit is one you’ve already seen a few times – my me-made Journey dress, green 1940’s cardigan knitted by my mother, brown over-the-knee socks, and pink Dr Marten boots. While I thought about taking a photo just because the boots haven’t appeared on here yet, I decided not to bore you with a repetitive outfit.

20 May

Me-made Generations dress
Mustard yellow cardi from Glassons
Blue merino top from Glassons (bought at an op shop)
Over-the-knee purple socks from Glassons (now I sound like a Glassons ad -argh)
Shoes from a shop in Napier
Feather necklace by Miss G

Me-Made-May ’12, week 2

Just to mix it up a bit, this week for Me-Made-May I thought I’d share with you some of the colours around my house. (Also, it’s dark by the time I get home from work, and I’m getting rather bored of taking photos just in front of my wardrobe door. No matter how much I love my wardrobe (or it’s contents, anyway!), the door isn’t all that interesting for a month of photos….

So, here we go…..!

7 May

Cardigan from Glassons
Me-made Generations dress (first time worn!)
Black merino top from Glassons
Narrow pink belt (above the bump) from Glassons (hmmm, I could be a sales pitch for Glassons this week… Disturbing.)
Bambi necklace from the Govett-Brewster art gallery
Black lace knee-high socks from a shop in Tokyo
Mona Lisa shoes from Sole footwear
House colours: curtains over the back door and the newly-painted yellow wall in what will be my sewing room sometime in the future

8 May

Me-made Journey dress
Burgundy merino top from 32 South
Vintage belt from an op shop
Barrel of Monkeys necklace from Miss G
Long grey socks (Columbine, perhaps?)
And my oh-so-classy walking home shoes. (Imagine these as knee-high black heeled boots instead, ‘k?)
House colours: purple couch with a snuggly orange-and-white blanket folded over one arm

9 May

Jacket from my friend Christina
Me-made 70’s lounge cardigan
Dress from last weekend’s clothes swap party
Origami crane necklace from an NZ jewellery
Black footless maternity tights
Dr Marten black knee-high high heel boots
House colours: green walls in what will be the baby’s room

10 May
No photo today I’m afraid – it was a bad pregnancy day, so I crawled into bed after work without the energy to take a photo. 😦 I can tell you that I wore my me-made Generations dress though. I do love that dress, may have to make another one using that pattern sometime soon…..

11 May
And again, no photo. Nothing me-made, either. Once again, all due to pregnancy exhaustion. *sigh* Bring on tomorrow!
12 May
And we’re back!

Me-made Kindy cardi
Me-made Braveheart dress
Pink merino top from Glassons
Over-the-knee black socks
Black Converse sneakers
Lovebirds necklace by Boh Runga
House colours – back in my bedroom, with yellow walls, white trim and doors, and blue-grey carpet

13 May

Me-made Kindy cardi
Tshirt fabric dress from last weekend’s clothes swap (sooo comfy! Yay!)
Pink merino top from Glassons
Black ribbed maternity tights from Columbine
Skull and bow necklace from Iko Iko
And topped off with my me-made Powder Room slippers
House colours – the green walls, white trim and dark blue curtains in the baby’s room. Along with some random items of furniture and tools that are either leaving the house soon or finding new homes. (It always amazes me how quickly an empty room fills up with ‘stuff’. Eek!)

And there we have it folks – week two of Me-Made-May ’12!

Me-Made-May 2012 – week 1

And here we have it folks – the first week of Me Made May 2012!

So that I don’t bombard all of your readers with outfit posts, I’m going to do weekly wrap-ups of them.

And just because I’m always a bit envious of all those amazing bloggers out there who come up with crazy poses and look like they’re having so much fun while doing so, I’m also going to push myself out of my standard “stay still and try to pretend there’s no camera there” zone and try a few different shots. So far, kinda awkward. I’m hoping they come more naturally with practice…..

Anyway, here it is – my first week of Me Made May outfits.

1 May

Me-made 70’s Lounge cardigan
Purple merino top from Glassons
Me-made Journey dress
Knee-high socks
Purple Minx wedge heels

2 May

Me-made Piratical cardigan
Pink merino top from Glassons
Black tshirt from NZGirl
Long black skirt by Wellington designer Humanity Creations
Over-the-knee black-with-polkadots socks from Columbine
Necklace from Misery
Converse sneakers

Today had the added challenge of being a Wednesday Wardrobe Challenge day. The theme was ‘velvet and lace’. Normally this would be easy for me, but none of my velvet or lace fit right now! Argh! I had to go hunting and this is what I came up with – a cameo with a velvet choker necklace, and a long black skirt with lace trim around the base and down one side. (It still counts, right?!)

3 May

Cardigan knitted by my mother from a 1940’s pattern
Pink merino top from Glassons
Me-made Braveheart dress
Thick black over-the-knee socks
Black Converse sneakers

4 May (International Star Wars day! Hah!)

Cardigan from Glassons
Me-made Autumn Skies dress
Green slip from a clothes swap
Merino/silk long-sleeve top (under dress) from Silkbody
Over-the-knee socks, can’t remember where from
Black Converse sneakers

5 May

Me-made black merino cardigan
Merino/silk long-sleeve top from Silkbody
Elastic-waist skirt from an op shop in Temuka
Knee-high socks from a little shop in Beijing
My fab new shoes! “Mona Lisa” style from Soles, that I bought yesterday

6 May

Made-by-my-mother hand knitted cardigan from a 1940’s pattern
Me-made Braveheart Dress
Black merino top from Glassons
Footless black maternity tights from Lyric
Black Converse sneakers

(Yep, second time I’ve worn pretty much this exact outfit this week. Thankfully, I’ve just finished making another maternity dress, so there’ll be another one to add to the mix for the next three weeks of May!)

Me-Made-May ’12 – I’m in, how about you?

It’s time for the next Me-Made challenge – Me-Made-May ’12! Yay!

I love Zoe’s me-made challenges – I’ve taken part in the last two, and found them a great way to push myself and wear my me-made garments more. They’ve also been great with making me identify the gaps in my me-made wardrobe, and try to fill them.

So, naturally, I’m signing up to the challenge again this May! Here’s my ‘official’ pledge:

‘I, Kat of Modern Vintage Cupcakes, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May ’12. I endeavour to wear at least one me-made garment each day for the duration of May 2012’

Sure, it doesn’t sound anywhere near as committed as the last two challenge pledges I made, both of which involved wearing only me-made garments. The challenge part for me this time is because of the baby thing – hardly any of my me-made garments fit me these days, and I really need to get some things that do fit, so I’m hoping this will help spur me on to creating a me-made pregnancy wardrobe.

And on that note, I’m off to cut out the fabric for another dress that should (hopefully) see me through the next month or two……