Catchin’ up with Pieces of Us Project

Yikes! I’m running a bit behind with my little friends for the Pieces of Us project!!! Time to do a bit of catching up and make some little creatures, I think. 🙂

Here’s a couple I’ve just finished. Allow me to introduce you to two little house sisters – Molly and Mandy.





Molly is the Pieces of Us project “friend” that goes with my Johanna shirt. (The black floral fabric on her roof/head and the heart are scraps left over from the shirt.)

Mandy is the “friend” that goes with my Anne blouse. (Her arms and legs are made from scraps left over from that creation.)

Molly is heading out into the world tomorrow – she’ll be collected by the local Plunket nurse (along with some things my mother has knitted) to be given out to a (higher need) child in our area. (Just like the baby trousers I made recently. My mother heard about them and knitted some super-cute little striped jerseys and a hat to be given out to babies that need them, so I’ve made Molly to keep them company while they all find new homes.)

Mandy will be venturing out this weekend – we’re going away for the weekend so on our trip I’ll find a playground and leave her there to find a new friend.

Been a while since I’ve released one of these little guys into the wild – it’s always kind of exciting, and makes me nervous at the same time – will they find a new home? Will they be loved? I hope so!

6 responses to “Catchin’ up with Pieces of Us Project

  1. what a sweet sweet idea…


  2. Do you leave a note with the toy? I sometimes see toys left behind & wondered if a child is missing it. It would be good if the new owner knew it is ok to take it home.

    • I do indeed! I leave a note with a little bio on it – their name, what they like, that sort of thing. (The same info as on the Pieces of Us project site for them.) I also put care instructions, and that they’re looking for a new home. Oh, and the URL for the Pieces of Us blog so they can leave a comment if they want to to say they’ve found the toy. Then I put it all in a clear plastic bag and seal it so the note can be read, the toy can be seen, and it will all stay safe and dry if it rains. 🙂

  3. Very cute! Nice cause.

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