The “Anne” Blouse

Guess what? I finally made something! OMG!!! Yes folks, it’s been a while. Far, far too long. Over a month. And not for lack of inspiration or desire to create. Nope, I’ve got lots of plans, lots of patterns, lots of fabric. Just not a lot of time. But hey, my new rule – 5 minutes sewing a day. Eventually, things get completed. Eventually.

So here it is – my first creation for the WSBN Burda Sew-along – the ‘Anne’ blouse!

Anne blouse, Burda magazine 10/2012 #122

Which also happens to be my first-ever creation from a Burda magazine. Yes, when I unfolded the pattern sheet, I got scared. And when I looked at the (pathetic) instructions, I got even more scared. But I pulled on my big-girl pants, stepped up to the tracing challenge, and you know what? It really wasn’t that hard! Not hard at all, in fact. (Once I discovered that the numbers down the bottom of the sheet show you where to look for each correlating pattern piece, so you don’t have to sift through all the text on the pattern sheet trying to spot pattern piece number 8 and so on. Wish I’d discovered that a bit earlier on in the tracing journey, but hey, now I know for next time.)

In fact, it was so not-hard, I’ve already traced out my next pattern to make up. And have plans for more. (Seriously folks, if you’ve been putting off sewing from a Burda magazine for fear of the tracing, fear not. It’s no where near as hard as it looks. Go on – get brave and give it a go!)

Anne blouse, Burda magazine 10/2012 #122

So, this blouse, It’s pattern number #122 from the October 2012 edition of Burda Style. And here’s where I’d like to give a big thank-you to Anne, who sent me this magazine as part of a swap we did. Thanks Anne! πŸ™‚

Burda Style magazine 10/2012
Burda Style magazine 10/2012 pattern #122

I choose this blouse because of the yoke – it’s rather interesting. I found it hard to tell from the image (and even harder to tell from the instructions) but the yoke is hanging free on two sides, and stitched in to the shoulder and sleeve seams on the other two. It’s also not quite the same shape/size as the neckline, so you have a subtle double-layer effect where they overlap. (I had to go hunting for made-up versions of this over on Burdastyle to be sure about this, the instructions were that poor.)

There are darts in front and back for shaping, and with no collar either it’s a very easy blouse to make up. (It still took me a good week-and-a-half to make, but hey, like I said earlier, 5 minutes sewing a day will get you there. Eventually.)

Anne blouse, Burda magazine 10/2012 #122

The original design is about 6-7 inches longer – I shortened it so I can wear it out over skirts. I also shortened the sleeves, simply because I didn’t have enough fabric for long sleeves. (*cough* design decision *cough*) Now here is where things got a bit frustrating – I made this up in the right size for my measurements. And it was far too big. (Except across the shoulders, where it fits fine.) I’m wondering if this is because I’m used to sewing with vintage patterns, and modern patterns have far more ease? Those of you who sew from Burda magazines – do you find they have far more ease than you need? Or is it perhaps just this one pattern?

(Now I look at the picture again, it does seem to be intentionally a bit loose. Hmmm…. Should look more closely at that next time.)

Anyway, I took it in by over an inch on each side seam at the waist, tapering up to the sleeves and down to the hem. I think it’s still a bit loose, but I’m not 100% sure – it feels loose, but my Other Half is of the opinion that it fits fine. I’d like a second opinion here folks – should I take it in a bit more, or leave it as it is? Be honest here!

Anne blouse, Burda magazine 10/2012 #122

I made a couple of changes in the construction methods as well. When it comes to the free-hanging yoke, the instructions don’t ask you to sew up the section that lies next to the neckline. Instead, you’re just meant to turn the seam allowance under and leave it. Um, what? I ignored that. Rather, I folded the yoke pieces in half, right sides together, stitched up that seam, turned them out the right way again, and then went back to following the instructions. Nice and neatly stitched together, and no visible stitching. Easy as.

Anne blouse, Burda magazine 10/2012 #122

I also choose to use domes instead of buttons. Because sewing with a hammer is fun. And I get to feel like Superman when I get changed at night. The fun in feeling like Superman at the end of the day cannot be underestimated. I urge you all to sew with hammers, make a top that does up with domes, and give it a try. Seriously, go and do it!

Burda magazine 10/2012 pattern #122 - the Anne blouse

So, there we have it. The Anne blouse. My first ever Burda magazine creation. I’m rather pleased with it, even if I’m not yet convinced by the fit. And on that note, excuse me – I’m off to trace another pattern. Happy sewing, folks! πŸ™‚

23 responses to “The “Anne” Blouse

  1. It’s lovely Kat, and that fabric!!! Ooooh lala!!! I am experiencing fabric envy!
    I am knitting a cowl in a variegate wool in just those colours, so much do I love them together. But then I know you are a woman of taste and discernment! πŸ˜‰ xo

  2. I love this fabric! And it makes a great blouse, the yoke detail is wonderful. Well done on conquering the tracing fear.

  3. Great job! Love the fabric & the collar and it really suits you.

  4. Very nice work! The style is lovely, and I think the fit is good. I generally find Butda is reasonable with their ease, so this must have been intended as a loose fitting blouse, but with Burda’s crazy fashion photography, who really knows! I think yours fits you much more nicely than the model’s fits her.

  5. congratulations on overcoming your fear of burda tracing! I think the shirt looks great on, it doesn’t look huge to me, but you know how it feels, which is what is most important. As everyone else has said, the fabric is gorgeous. And I always have a hammer in my sewing cupboard, much easier than buttons and holes, and all the fiddling!

  6. I think the fit is good, I like that it looks a bit more relaxed, suits that fabric, but it doesn’t look oversized so I vote to leave it as is. The yoke is interesting, more like gun flaps on a trench coat hey?

    “5 minutes sewing a day” and “sewing with a hammer” πŸ˜€ Tools and sewing are just great. The snaps look awesome actually, good colour match, you’ve given that blouse a completely different personality from Burdas version, sewing is awesome like that!

  7. I really like this blouse, but the Burda photos did nothing for me. Your version looks interesting. The lovely fabric helps of course. Well done for getting over the tracing thing. Hopefully you’ll now be in full swing for future Burda patterns

  8. lovely! i think the fit looks just right – comfy and not clingy, but still flattering. i wish for you some extra sewing time in the near future!

  9. Neat! I’m very impressed and despite what you say I’m still scared of burda (lol it’s the instructions or lack thereof). I love the concept of sewing with hammers and I really want to feel like superman! I gotta make that happen. πŸ˜€ Well done!
    As for the fit, I think the relaxed fit looks fine πŸ™‚

  10. I’ve not seen a yoke like that before, well done. Visiting from FNSI

  11. Nice blouse – it does not look too loose but is not fitted! I have the same problem with Burda and used to make everything up far too big. After trying Style Arc patterns using the advice of Chloe which fit closer (and a year with a personal trainer – there was a reason to have loose fitting!!) I make the size which is a little smaller than my measurements. I check by flat pattern measuring and often make a muslin which can be a pain when you are raring to go and make that dress. When considering what size to make look at the picture and check the ease – if it is loose often you can go down TWO sizes but beware fitted (ask me how I know LOL) so measuring the pattern is vital.

  12. Very pretty blouse! I have not yet made a pattern from a Burda magazine either. In fact, I just bought my first Burda magazine last month! I do find the instructions challenging. Kudos to you for sewing up your first pattern.

  13. Great job, loving the fabric! Glad you have been able to use the magazine so quickly too! πŸ˜€

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  17. I have had my eye on this top for a little while, so it is good to see it made up and hear about the uniqueness of it’s construction. I like the fit – I vote to keep as is. Looking forward to your next Burda project πŸ™‚

    • Thanks Sandra! πŸ™‚ It’s a nice, easy top to make up, and the yoke is a good feature. I saw a great version on where someone had used a contrasting colour for the yoke – I’m going to try that some time soon I think as another variation. πŸ™‚

  18. Lovely shirt and lovely fabric, well done!

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