Me-Made-May ’13 – the final countdown

23 May
23 May
Me-made Duchess coat
Jacket – Max, from a clothes swap
Necklace – Boh Runga
Skirt – Trelise Cooper, from an op shop
Purple tights – Columbine
Shoes – Dr Martens

Thoughts on today’s me-made garment: Ok, I admit it – I didn’t really like this coat all that much when I made it last year. Sure, I like the colour and the buttons, but it didn’t make me feel “pretty” to wear it. (And what’s the point of having clothes if they don’t make you feel good?!?) But since my me-made challenge this year is to wear every me-made garment in my wardrobe that fits both myself and my current lifestyle needs, I dragged it out of hiding. And wore it. And you know what? I now like it! And even got compliments on it. So thanks me-made-May – you rescued a coat for me. 🙂

(I do apologise for the blurry photo though. Odd lighting at that time of day resulted in odd blurriness….)

24 May
24 May
Horse cardigan – Max
Me-made black/white floral blouse (finished the night before and yet to be blogged about)
Navy belt – vintage, from an op shop
Skirt – from a clothes swap
Over-the-knee socks – Columbine
Shoes – Converse

Thoughts on today’s me-made garment: It’s a winner! Yay!

25 May
No photos today, but nothing you haven’t seen me wear before this month anyway.

26 May
26 May
Me-made Strangers UFO jacket
Yellow cardigan – Glassons
Dice necklace – Iko Iko
Me-made Hungry Cat-erpillar skirt
Vintage handback – from a clothes swap
Over-the-knee socks – Columbine
Shoes – Minx, second hand from TradeMe

Thoughts on today’s me-made garment: I go through phases of liking this jacket, and those of not liking it. It’s not my usual style – slightly cropped sleeves, no pockets, and not at all fitted. But sometimes, that just works. (And I got a random compliment on it too, which always makes me feel better about a garment, haha! We went to see “Star Trek: Into The Darkness” at the movies and the girl behind the counter wanted to know where I’d bought my jacket and was rather amazed that I’d made it. Woot!) Anyway, no changes needed to this garment. If I could do it again, I’d have made the sleeves a good inch longer, but since I wasn’t the one who cut out the fabric there wasn’t overly much choice in sleeve length….

27 May
27 May
Horse cardigan – Max
Me-made Amelia shirt
Pink belt – Glassons
Skirt – Moochi, from an op shop
Grey tights – Columbine
Purple wedges – Minx

Thoughts on today’s me-made garment: Shamefully enough, this has been in my alterations pile for a couple of months, as the hem needed re-doing. Rapidly approaching the end of the month, I fixed it up last night so I could wear it before May was over. And now? Back into rotation it goes, no more changes needed!

28 May
28 May
My-mother-made handkitted 1940’s cardigan
Me-made black/white floral blouse (see? I told you I’d already worn it again!)
Handknitted fingerless gloves (cold snap sweeping the country today *brrr*)
Skirt – vintage, from an op shop
Tartan tights – Columbine
Shoes – Ziera

No thoughts on today’s me-made, coz you’ve seen it before…. (Starting to run out of new things now….!)

29 May
29 May
Checked jacket – Glassons, from an op shop
Merino top – can’t remember, but from a factory outlet a few years ago
Necklace – barrel of monkeys from Miss G
Me-made Hungry Cat-erpillar skirt (again! What can I say? I love this skirt.)
Grey/black striped footless tights – from a clothes swap
Purple/black striped knee-high socks – think I might have bought these in China? I forget…
Boots – Dr Martens

30 May
30 May
Pink jacket – Max, from a clothes swap
Me-made 70’s Lounge skirt
Lilac tights – Glassons
Shoes – can’t remember purchased in Tauranga a couple of years ago

31 May
31 May
Me-made Strangers UFO jacket
My-mother-made handknitted blue cardigan
Purple merino top – Glassons
Trousers – Glassons
Shoes – Converse
Photo – thanks to The Curious Kiwi
Statue – a new one in central Wellington, of Katherine Mansfield. It’s fabulous – her clothes are covered in words (she was an author), and I’ve been told it lights up at night from within so the words glow.

And there we have it, folks. The end of Me-Made-May ’13! (And an end to the relentless outfit posts, for which you’re probably thankful. 😉 )

I’m glad I gave myself the extra challenge of wearing things. It made me look at them a lot more closely and figure out why I wasn’t wearing things. I now have some that have been reclaimed and will now get worn (yay!), a bunch that I’m going to alter/fix in one way or another (and yes, I’d like you all to hold me to that! When should I commit to doing alterations by? Give me a date, lovely people! I work best with deadlines, haha!), and another bunch of things that never got worn due to needing alterations/fixes. Let the changing up of garments commence!

How about you? Did you take part in me-made-May? How did you find it? What did you learn?


4 responses to “Me-Made-May ’13 – the final countdown

  1. Gosh that statue is amazing, I’ve not seen it yet but then my world is so tiny – Cuba St and Marion St mainly!
    Seeing all these photos of you in different outfits, with a wintry twist, I am really getting how smart your clothes are. In the old-fashioned sense of the word. Put together, you know. In a quirky and original way. You look awesome! xo

  2. Wow – I want to go and see that statute. Also this post makes me want to go and buy more tights – you have so many rad tights!

    • So do you, lady! I am often in envy of your tights. 😉 (Ah, tights. One of the very best things about winter…!)

  3. Wow, that statue is amazing! I hope to see it at night some time. When it’s not cold 🙂

    You’ve got such a range of things that you’ve made, amazing! And you’ve made a coat! Wow!

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