Baby got back

So, it’s kinda getting cold over here these days. We’re well into autumn, and winter is sneaking in rather fast.

Which sadly also means there are a lot of cold children around in the poorer households. 😦

My local Plunket group put together winter care packages for the less well-off families in our neighbourhood – this year, there were 45 families in my area that were getting care packages, and a group of them had babies under a year old.

Which sounded to me like the perfect reason to have a sew-in and make a bunch of merino wool baby trousers to keep little creatures warm and cozy!

(And guess what? It also coincided wonderfully with the May Friday night sew-in. Woop!)

Sadly my overlocker was playing up (argh! Tempermental beastie! I’m thinking it’s angry with me for neglecting it quite a bit lately… Oops….) so it took a bit longer than expected. But I still managed to make 6 pairs for the winter care packages – 5 pairs of 6-12 months sizes, and 1 pair of 0-3 months for a little newborn.

I had a lot of fun playing around with the merino colours – the pattern I used for these started out as a rub-off of a pair of the Little Man’s trousers, and then I altered it by removing the side leg seams. Super fast and fun to make up, with an inset over the bum for extra nappy space. (And for fun-with-contrasting-colours space, haha!)

Four pairs of burgundy/brown – two with black on the bum, two with pink on the bum.


One pair of bright blue. And another pair of purple-with-light blue (they were for the little newborn baby girl).


And because he’s in need of more trousers due to continuously growing out of them, a black pair for our Little Man! (Sadly not the best photo of him – he was being super-wiggly and this is the only non-blurry one I managed to grab!)


The six I made for the Plunket care packages have now all gone to their new homes, hopefully their new owners will like them and they’ll help keep them warm over winter. 🙂

And now, back to work on my current Burda sew-along creation…. (Hoping to show you a completed garment from that this weekend, fingers crossed.)

8 responses to “Baby got back

  1. how fabulous to be able to use your skills to help those who need a little help.

  2. What a beautiful thing to do.

  3. What a wonderful thing to do – I’m off to make some for the local plunket this weekend.

  4. How lovely! I bet these little drawers will be so treasured!

  5. Ah, good for you folks! Babies deserve to have fabulous pants (and, yes, okay, to be warm, as well…lol). And these are very cute!

  6. What a wonderful thing you have done. I am sure they will be appreciated.


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  8. Oh, what a lovely thing to do!

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