The Optimistic skirt

Yep, once again, it’s been a while since my last blog post. Over a week, in fact. But I have a good excuse – in the past week I’ve been to Christchurch for work, to Auckland for work, and worked around 80 hours. Which, funnily enough, didn’t leave a lot of time for blogging. Or sewing.

Hence the name of this skirt – the ‘Optimistic’ skirt. Remember my last blog post, where I posted about my UFO Pile of Shame? And I talked about how I was going to step up with this week’s Sew Weekly challenge, which was all about finishing those UFO’s? (A.k.a. Un-Finished Objects.) Well, I think it’s fairly safe to say that was somewhat optimistic. If only I’d taken a good, hard look at my schedule for the week. Hah. Maybe next time….

So tonight, around 9.15pm, I staggered tiredly over to my UFO Pile of Shame and located something that needed minimal work to finish. A green cashmere-and-wool skirt I started, oh, probably around 10 years ago, in my first year living here in Wellington. The shell was completely finished, hemmed and all – all that was left to be done was the lining.

So, 45 minutes and some purple lining later (after all, wheres the fun in matching lining to fabric, right?!), I have a completed skirt!

(Sheesh. I knew I was tired, but I didn’t realise I looked quite that tired!)

The main detail is on the back of this one – three falls of black tulle.

This one was made from a self-drafted pattern. The shell is a wool/cashmere blend (I think?) – when I bought it I got enough to make a jacket as well, thinking to make a random semi-suit type outfit. I rediscovered the rest of the fabric recently and still plan to make a jacket out of it – it’s so lovely and soft! I’m not too sure how it will wear as a skirt (or how it will wash with that tulle?!) but hey, I cut it out in my less-knowledgeable days, so may as well wear it (and wash it) and see how it goes.

‘Scuse the lack of ironing – I needs sleep. Immediately. And the thought of dragging out the ironing board and plugging in the iron just, well, I couldn’t quite face it tonight. So if you please, just pretend that that top photo doesn’t have a massive folded-for-a-decade crease down the middle of the skirt. Ta muchly. 🙂

Time for sleep now – bye-bye!

2 responses to “The Optimistic skirt

  1. That is some well-earned sleep, girlie! Sweet dreams. 🙂

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