The last days of Me Made June 11 and a recap

Yes, it’s already the 5th of July. And I haven’t finished off the record for Me Made June ’11. Heh. Here goes, then – the final days!

(Disclaimer: the final week is not the most complete of records. Lets just say it was a rather crazy week for work, and pretty much everything else ended up getting left behind. Sad, but occasionally true. A not-so-glamorous end to a Me-Made month this time ’round.)

23 June

Me-Made items:

Where did I wear it?
Just to work.

My thoughts on this outfit:
I must admit that this skirt isn’t one I expected to wear lots – it’s just not really my style. And yet, I quite enjoyed wearing it! The stiff linen type fabric and the lining make it rustle pleasantly while walking. 🙂 I think I’ll be wearing it again. Although not with this top – two long items together aren’t all that flattering. (I much prefer this top with jeans.)

24 June

Me-Made items:

  • Red tartan skirt
  • Black merino cardigan

Gaps in my me-made wardrobe:

  • Grey merino top

Where I wore this:
Once again, to work. And home again. Exciting, no?

My thoughts on this outfit:
It’s been years since I’ve worn this skirt out in public. And I do mean years. Probably around 9 of them, in fact! So thank you to Me Made June for making me summon up the courage to wear it out again. I think it’s now been resurrected from languishing in the far corners of my wardrobe. I always thought it was too short, but you know what? I don’t think it is, after all! (Although I did get compliments from one of the guys at work on it. Usually my outfits only get compliments from the girls. Unless I wear a shorter-than-usual skirt. Hmmmm. Stereotypes, maybe?)

25 June

Me-Made items:

Gaps in my me-made wardrobe:

  • Red cardigan

Where I wore this:
Around home, doing some sewing, and it’s been a couple of weeks so I can’t actually remember what I did that day!!

My thoughts on this outfit:
Ok, this dress was another one I wasn’t too sure about. But I took everyone’s good advice (thanks, everyone!) and wore it for a day, in case I got to like it. And you know what? I do like it now. I especially like it with this cardigan over it. Yes indeed. So it’s going to be living in the wearable portion of my wardrobe now. 🙂

26 June

Me-Made items:

Gaps in my me-made wardrobe:

  • Purple cropped cardigan

Where I wore this:
Finally, somewhere more exciting than work! A miracle!!! This dress got to go on a little trip – it went to the airport, hopped on a plane, and flew to Christchurch. When it got there, it took a taxi to a hotel, checked in, and then caught a bus into the centre of town. (Well, not really into the centre of town any more, as that doesn’t really exist any more and is still all cordoned off. But to the end of Hagley Park nearest town. Where I encountered something that impressed me quite a bit – since the bus depot is, well, possibly not standing any more and even if it is standing it’s completely inaccessible, they’ve created a couple of new depot by simply parking buses up onto the grass of the park, painting them, and using them as bus shelters. Which I thought to be rather ingenious.) Once the dress (and I) were near-ish the centre of Christchurch, we met up with my friend Andrew (who was also down there for work, only in his case for three weeks while I was only there for the night and a day). Then we went walkabouts – we wandered through a bit of Hagley Park (which is truly lovely), skirted around part of the edge of the cordoned-off “red zone” (very depressing to see all the destruction 😦 ), walked a bit more, then headed back. Then the dress and I hopped on a bus, went back to the hotel, and parted ways so I could go for a swim in the hotel pool. (Which was delightful, I must say.) So there you have it – the story of a day in the life of this dress. And it didn’t involve going into my office at all!

27 June
No photo today – but then, I wasn’t wearing anything exciting anyway. I was out visiting one of our stores for work, doing some research, so I thought I’d better blend in with the staff.

Me-Made items:

  • Black merino cardigan

Gaps in my me-made wardrobe:

  • Black work trousers
  • Red long-sleeved shirt

Where I wore it:
To the Papanui PostShop, where I hung out for the day, talking to customers and watching how they interacted with the store environment. Then on a plane back to Wellington.

28 June

Once again, no photo. Which is a shame, as today was the first time I wore my Tree Sculpture dress. Along with a cardigan, which wasn’t me-made. And it all got worn to work, then home again.

29 June

And yet again, no photo. Do you sense a theme for this week yet? Sad to say, it continues on in just this manner. I can’t even really remember today’s outfit, except it included the same pair of black trousers I wore on Monday, as I had to catch a flight to Auckland for work this evening and I didn’t want to have to carry too many things on the plane as I had a huge amount of stuff to carry up there for work.

30 June

Yep, no photo. And even worse – the same outfit as Monday, only instead of the me-made cardigan, I was wearing one I got from a clothes swap. This time, hanging around out at Manukau PostShop in Auckland, doing research.

Which, lets face it, was a pretty lame way to end Me Made June – with an outfit that I didn’t make any part of! *hangs head in shame*

And so, the recap…..
I really enjoyed taking part in Me Made June. A massive thank-you to the lovely Zoe for organising it, and being such a brilliant inspiration!

I found this month easier in some ways than Me Made March – this time, I had access to most of my wardrobe, while in March I was stuck with a small portion of it as the rest was packed up due to renovations. However, in other ways I found it harder – it really highlighted how much I love making summer weight dresses, and tend to neglect the winter-weight parts of my wardrobe. Which is something I really need to correct. I also tend to go for making more ‘show-y’ pieces, and don’t really do staples – those staples I do make, I wear constantly (such as that ever-present black merino cardigan!) so I really should focus on them a bit more.

I kinda gave myself another small challenge this month – to try not to wear the same outfit twice. Which I didn’t always succeed in, but it did push me to wear things that I haven’t worn for ages, and welcome them back into circulation. Which was rather awesome, really. 🙂

So, all in all, despite that poor finish, I’m quite happy with how it went. Even though I didn’t manage to keep my resolution of entirely me-made garments, I think I did quite well. And I’m going to be working on some wardrobe staples before the next me-made month, so I’m all set to go next time! Bring it on!


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