A summer singlet top and a UFO Pile of Shame

And now it’s time for the latest Sew Weekly weekly challenge creation!

This week the theme was ‘Refashionista’ – to take something old that’s been languishing unloved and unworn in your wardrobe for ages, and refashion it into something you’d wear again.

I inadvertently got a bit of a jump on this week’s challenge, with my Mod Ascot dress from last week’s challenge – as well as fitting the black-and-white-dress theme, it was made from a skirt I’d had lingering around in my things-to-refashion pile.

But still, just because I’d already happily-by-accident completed this weeks challenge, I saw that as no reason not to refashion something else as well. And so I present to you, a new summer singlet top!

This top was made from a floral long-sleeved top that’s been floating around for the last couple of clothes swaps. No one wanted it as it was, quite frankly, rather hideously unflattering on. But I just couldn’t let it go to the op shop – that fabric had too much potential! So ever since, it’s been sitting in my mending/refashioning/UFO pile, waiting to be turned into something else. Clearly, this was the challenge it had been waiting for!

The top started out life as a loose-fitting (yet still quite tight – the tags were in Japanese so it was clearly made for a build smaller than us Kiwi girls are built!) long sleeved quite long top, with slits up both sides and ties at the V neckline.

I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to make it into at first, so I pulled it apart along all the seams and then went hunting for pattern inspiration. And at that point I discovered that because it was really quite a small size, it just wasn’t going to fit any of my patterns! I wanted to give the new Colette Sorbetto top a go, but there wasn’t anywhere near enough width in the fabric for that, either. Guess that’s what happens when you recklessly go into a project – it had been a few months since I’d tried the top on, and my memory of it’s size was different to what I remembered. Note to self: always try things on before refashioning them.

I cut it into a singlet top shape, cutting the neckline down to a scoop and sewing it up again at the shoulders and sides. While I could get into it, it was just a bit too tight, so it clearly needed an extra centimetre or two of width somewhere.

I took inspiration from the Colette Sorbetto top and cut a wide strip out of one of the sleeves I’d pulled off the top. I attached this to the centre front, and made a box pleat, which gave it the extra width it needed. Just.

Then I hacked off about 15cm at the bottom, turned the edges under and hemmed them, and away I went! Nice and easy and fast, and I can actually see myself wearing this in summer with a pair of work trousers or jeans. Yay for refashioning!

Next week’s Sew Weekly challenge is UFOs (Un-Finished Objects). Which I’m rather glad about, as I have a massive pile of UFOs. Disturbingly enough, I was unpacking some boxes a couple of weeks ago and found an entire box of UFOs from about a decade ago. Argh!!! So my goal for the week is to get through as much of this pile as I can. Wish me luck with that! Just to disturb you (and to see where I’m starting from for this next challenge!) I dug out all the UFOs and piled them on my sewing table.

Yes, that’s right folks. Those are all UFOs. I put the cup there so you can get a sense of the sheer size of this pile. Argh! (There are two UFOs there that started off life as someone else’s UFOs, both from several decades ago – one from the 1970’s and one from the 80’s. Don’t know what it says about me, that I happily take on other peoples UFOs, but there we have it. Neither have illustrations or instructions with them either, which I consider to be a fun challenge. 🙂 )

So yes, now on to the UFO challenge!


4 responses to “A summer singlet top and a UFO Pile of Shame

  1. YAY! Love your Sorbetto! That’s such a good idea to use it to refashion some tops..hmmm…now you’ve got me thinkin’ 🙂 Wow and that is some UFO pile….Roswell watch out 🙂

  2. Those are some major UFOs!! But your refashion into Sorbetto looks beautiful. I like it tucked into jeans like that.

  3. Your new top looks lovely! Love the Sorbetto so much 🙂 Good luck with the UFOs! I have quite a few myself and dont know where to start for this weeks challenge….

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