Self Stitched September days 11-15

11 September

  • Made-by-my-mother orange wrap handknitted wool jersey (thanks mum!)
  • Crochet scarf made by my friend Christina (thanks Christina!)
  • Made-by-me Hummingbird skirt
  • Altered-by-me black merino top
  • Plaid jacket – used to belong to the aforementioned Christina, who gave it to me when she moved back to LA
  • Long black socks
  • Yellow Adidas sneakers

12 September

  • Me-made Oriental 60’s dress
  • Me-made black merino cardigan (not worn in photo)
  • Silver feather necklace
  • Black vinyl waist belt
  • Bright pink tights (oh la la!)
  • Black patent leather high heels (also not worn in the photo)

13 September

  • Me-made black merino cardigan (again)
  • Me-adjusted black merino top (again – clearly, I need to make myself some more warm tops just for the variety in me-made months!)
  • Me-made Optimistic skirt (first time worn!)
  • Dice necklace
  • Black lacy tights
  • Black knee-high boots (not worn in pic)
  • And for another accessory – Blossom Bunny!

14 September

  • Me-made 70’s lounge cardigan
  • Store bought burgundy merino top
  • Me-made 70’s lounge skirt (first time worn!)
  • ‘Barrel of Monkeys’ necklace (with close up, coz I think it’s cute and wanted to show you)
  • Chocolate brown fishnet tights
  • Black knee-high boots (not worn in photo)

15 September

  • Me-made black merino cardigan (sick of the sight of it yet?!?)
  • Me-made Something Floral Something Blue dress
  • Vintage navy blue belt
  • Black tights
  • Blue patent leather shoes (see? I do own shoes other than the Converse sneakers and the slippers I’m usually wearing in photos! I wore these home from work just so I could prove it to you all. 😉 )

And that brings us to half way through the month!

My goal for this weekend – make some new cardigans or jerseys to wear to work so you don’t have to see me wear the same black merino cardigan 5/7 days next week as well……

2 responses to “Self Stitched September days 11-15

  1. I find myself wearing the same cardigans over and over again too, so don’t worry about it! I haven’t tried sewing with a knit fabric yet. I’m a bit scared but I’m sure I’ll do it eventually.

  2. Love the necklace 😀

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