Me Made June days 9-12

Time for the next four days of Me Made June!

9 June

Me-Made items:

  • Black floral dress

Gaps in my me-made wardrobe:

  • Long black merino cardigan

Where I wore this:
Just to work, and out for lunch with some of the ladies from one of the projects I’m working on.
The great thing about this dress – I ran into work today, so it was bundled up in my bag, and because it’s a lightweight wool crepe, it doesn’t wrinkle. Love it!

10 June

Me-Made items:

  • Black ‘vegetable’ dress

Made-by-lovely-friends items:

  • Crochet scarf, made by the lovely Christina. I’ve been wearing this nearly every day this challenge, so thought I’d get a photo with my outdoor jacket etc on to show it off. 🙂
  • Hand knitted fingerless gloves (sadly hidden behind my back – oops!)

Gaps in my me-made wardrobe:

Wear I wore this:
To work. And lunch with my friend Andrew at Meow Cafe (where I released a Bookcrossing book). And to get a haircut.

I had a lovely lady stop next to me while I was waiting to cross a street on my way to get my hair cut – she complimented me on my “skirt” (I had the jacket buttoned up due to rain) and my hair, and how well they went together. It made me smile lots. Thank you, lovely lady! 🙂

11 June

Me-Made items:

  • Skirt (made out of thermal-backed curtain fabric, in fact. I made this years and years ago – this is the first time I’ve worn it in probably about a decade, as I found it packed away in a box recently. Note: don’t make things out of thermal-backed curtain fabric – although the insulation properties sound excellent for winter, when you wash it the thermal backing sticks together and you have to pull it apart.)

Made-by-lovely-family items:

  • Purple hand-knitted wrap woolen jersey, made by my lovely mother

Gaps in my me-made wardrobe:

  • Black long-sleeved merino top

Where I wore this:
Around home while sewing, then out to dinner at a lovely Thai restaurant with Steve.

12 June

Me-Made items:

  • Denim skirt with orange inset (although I wasn’t planning on wearing two me-made items the same this month (aside from underwear and cardigans) I made an exception for this skirt – we held a clothes swap party this afternoon and it’s just too hard to try things on when you’re wearing a dress!)

Made-by-lovely-family items:

  • Orange hand-knitted wool wrap cardigan, made by my lovely mother

Gaps in my me-made wardrobe:

  • Once again, long-sleeved merino top, this time in purple

Where I wore this:
Around the house baking cupcakes, doing housework, and then hosting a clothes-swap party with lovely friends this afternoon.

Things I learnt over these four days:

  • Vintage styled hair isn’t all that scary – I’ve started learning to do it, and I can see this getting a lot easier with practice. Fun!
  • A little bit of mascara really does ‘finish’ the look for the day, it seems. Who would have thought it.
  • My mother has made me a very large number of hand-knitted jerseys. Thanks, mum! They’re great for wearing around the house in winter. 🙂

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