Me-Made-June days 13 and 14

I’m breaking my trend so far this Me Made June and only posting about two outfits today, as tomorrow it’s Wednesday Wardrobe Challenge day, which these days seems to require a post all to itself. (Oh my gosh, so many posts, so little time!!) (Want to take part in the challenge tomorrow? The theme is ‘yellow’ – go on, be brave and join us!)

13 June

Me-Made items:

  • Yellow-and-brown checked dress with matching belt
  • Brown merino cardigan

Gaps in my me-made wardrobe:

  • Grey merino top (worn under the dress)

Where I wore this:
To work. But a little bit more interesting today, as I was at work in Wellington in the morning, then flew up to our Auckland office in the afternoon. I took the opportunity to release a Bookcrossing book on my way through the airport as well – hopefully it’s found a nice new home!
I hadn’t met most of the people in our Auckland office before – when I’ve been up to Auckland for work in the past it’s been for research so I’ve been out visiting customers and PostShops instead, and had never set foot in the actual head office up there before. So it was nice finally being able to put faces to names. 🙂
After work, I went out for dinner with my lovely friend Lills. We had tapas at The Library Bar – an awesome place that’s all done up like an old library in a decaying manor house, with walls of books, mis-matched comfy furniture, chaise lounges, old standing lamps with fabric shades and tassles, and floral carpet and wall paper. My type of place, yes indeed! And it even has chocolate fondue on the menu for dessert, with fruit that’s been marinated in liquour to dip into it. Yum!

14 June

Me-Made items:

  • Floral dress with matching belt

Gaps in my me-made wardrobe:

  • Short pink cardigan (I really do need to do something about this me-made cardigan lack soon – Me Made June is clearly demonstrating how I need to make several more in different colours!)

Where I wore it:
As usual, to work. Only in Auckland today. Auckland style is quite different from Wellington style – I feel somewhat conspicuous when I’m up there in my vintage styles and my pink hair, whereas in Wellington it doesn’t seem out of place at all really. Hmmm…..
And after work, this outfit got to hang out in the Koru lounge at the airport with me while I read the newspaper and ate lamingtons, then got to fly back to Wellington and come home and hug our kitten Roxy.


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