Mending Pile Monday – the Strangers UFO Jacket

Today, I thought I’d tackle something a bit bigger for Mending Pile Monday. The last couple of week’s I’ve done small projects – things that didn’t take me very long to finish off (even though in some cases they may have been in my mending/UFO pile for a few years!). But now that Me Made June is underway, I’ve been finding I have quite a lot of gaps in my winter season me-made wardrobe. And one of those gaps is a me-made jacket for winter.

A few weeks ago, when I was volunteering at Fabric-a-brac, I found this UFO in a pile of fabric that had been donated for the Hospice fundraiser table. It didn’t seem like the sort of thing many people would be interested in – the fabric was all cut out, with the pattern pieces still attached, but there were no instructions so it was impossible to tell what it would look like when made up, or even if all the pieces were there. But the idea of picking up someone else’s UFO, figuring it out without instructions (kind of like a jigsaw, really! Only with fabric), and seeing what happened really appealed to me! Even better, it appeared to be a coat, and it was in my size and even in a fabric I liked. Clearly, it was waiting for me to buy it and take it home.

When I got home, I did a hunt on the ever-awesome Vintage Patterns Wiki and found an image of what I think it’s meant to look like.

Simplicity 7349 from 1976. An unlined smock jacket with detachable hood.

Admittedly, not something I would have picked out for myself, but hey, may as well give it a go, right? After all, I’ll be rescuing this jacket from a UFO pile, where it’s probably sat since just before I was born! And even if I make it and don’t like it, I can give it to someone else and it can fulfill it’s destiny as a jacket, finishing off the project that some unknown seamstress started over 30 years ago.

The whole thing gives me a feel-good buzz, really. 🙂

So, here’s what I’ve started with:

A pile of tartan wool fabric, cut out and with pattern pieces attached. As you can see, not the sort of thing I can complete in one day, but I’ve pulled it out of my mending/UFO pile, and I’ve made a start, and I’m gonna get it finished this week, yes indeed. (Although I may make some modifications. Such as adding lining. And making the hood fixed, instead of detachable, and getting rid of the collar at the same time.)

Watch this space – later this week I’m hoping to have a photo of what this UFO is actually going to look like once the jigsaw has been solved! (So far, I’ve joined the back and back yoke – yes, it gathers slightly at the back as well.)


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