Me-Made-June, Join Me!

Some of you may remember Me Made March, that I participated in a couple of months ago. The wonderful Zoe from So, Zo What Do You Know, instigator of these me-made events, is at it again, this time with Me Made June ’11. Yay!

Not all that surprisingly, I’ve decided to sign up again. After all, I’ve been filling my wardrobe with me-made clothes, so I should use the excuse to wear them, right?!

Here’s my pledge for the month:

I, Kat of, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-June ’11. I endeavour to wear completely me-made or me-refashioned clothes each day for the duration of June 2011, with the exception of exercise gear, winter coats, and socks/tights.

I’m planning on doing what I did back in the March challenge, and just posting each week with the week’s worth of outfits. Thankfully this time I’ll have full access to my wardrobe – in March the renovations were still well underway and most of my clothes were packed up in boxes, which made it a bit trickier!

There are still some gaps in my wardrobe that need filling, though. I still haven’t gotten around to making any me-made jeans (or any trousers, for that matter), winter coats or hoodies. I may need to do something about some of those pretty soon……!

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