Goodies from the bloggers meet up

Would you believe it? I completely forgot to gloat over share my new goodies from the Wellington bloggers meet up!

The first lot are three patterns I bought from Unearthed, as we made our way down Cuba St. There were so many other lovely patterns I wanted to buy there, but as far as vintage patterns go they were a bit on the pricey side, so I restrained myself and only bought three. (Ha! Like I need more patterns. Oh well!)


  • Simplicity 1225 – a lovely 1944 suit pattern. It’s too small for me, so I’ll have to practice my grading skills with this one. I have a hankering for a wardrobe of 1940’s suits for some reason…. I’m building up a bit of a collection of patterns for them, now I just need to make them….
  • Weigel’s 1783 – I like the double-breasted cross-over style of this bodice, I’m curious to see how it would work made up.
  • Academy 2414 – for a 4 year old boy, shorts and a shirt. I love how the shirt buttons onto the shorts so they stay tucked in!

And then from the patterns and fabric swap we held, I managed to get my hands on these three pretties:


I also got this lovely fabric:


  • A burgundy shirting with blue pinstripes through it
  • Black lightweight cotton with a pretty floral design

We’re planning the next Wellington bloggers meet up for mid-late January, and we’re each planning on making something from something we acquired during the November meet up. I’ve narrowed it down to four choices so far I think – the Weigel’s dress (assuming those buttons on the bodice actually work and aren’t just for show!), the Simplicity shirt waist dress, or one of the lots of fabric. What do you reckon I should make up first out of those three? Whichever one gets the most votes will get made for the January meet up. 🙂

6 responses to “Goodies from the bloggers meet up

  1. I vote for Weigels! That bodice looks so pretty.

  2. No, don’t make the Weigels, give it to me instead 😉 How did I miss that?! Haha, love that bodice!

    Ok serious now, I vote the Weigels or Simplicity shirt dress, which would look great in the black floral if you have enough

  3. I’m going to be a sheep and say Weigels 🙂 Who did you get that floral fabric from…? They must have great taste 😉 hee hee

  4. Yes, it has to be Weigel’s! And how did I miss Style 3059 in our swap? It’s so me! Would it be wrong for me to enter?

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