Wednesday Wardrobe Challenge – sailing away

This week’s Wednesday Wardrobe Challenge was ‘sailing away’. And you know what? It turns out I don’t actually own anything that fits nicely into this theme. Yes, that’s right – despite my somewhat-larger-than-I-need-it-to-be wardrobe, I have nothing that really fits the bill. Nothing cruise wear-like. Nothing nautical-inspired. Not even anything with boats on it. Who would have thought it? (Not me, that’s for sure! I was sure I’d find something in there…)

So I thought and I thought, and I looked through my clothes. And I came across this dress – it’s predominantly white and blue, which I think of as ‘nautical’ type colours. And it was given to me by my lovely friend Christina when she left to move back to LA. And, you know, that kinda meant she ‘sailed away’ somewhere, and this dress is a memory of that. So it got to be my ‘sailing away’ challenge outfit for the day. 🙂

Outfit Details

  • ‘Sailing away’ blue floral dress – used to belong to the lovely Christina
  • Black footless tights
  • Black knee-high boots (not that you can see them in this pic, what with the dark couch behind me and all)
  • Purple coat worn over it when I went outside (from Glassons – I admit it)
  • Black long-sleeved merino top (under the dress) (also from Glassons)
  • Grey singlet top (under the black top, under the dress) which I got in the States a few years ago
  • Little robot necklace from a Nelson jewellery designer. I know, I’ve been wearing him a lot lately. But that’s coz I like him. 🙂 His feet and arms move. Cute!

Where I wore this outfit
I was up in Auckland for work this Wednesday, so this outfit got to be chucked in a bag and taken there the day before. (The one good thing about non-cotton fabrics – they don’t crease as much. This dress held up really well with the being-thrown-in-a-bag thing.) So it got to start off it’s Wednesday in a hotel room, go on a trip to the office up there, meet some customers, wander out for lunch, then go in a taxi to the airport and fly back to Wellington. I was going to get a photo of it with the Sky Tower, but I just didn’t get around to it. Oh well, maybe next time – I’ll be in Auckland again for work in a couple of weeks.

My thoughts on this outfit
I liked it while I was wearing it (although the dress is quite a bit shorter than what I’m used to wearing!), but looking at the photos, well, maybe it would make a better maternity dress. I think I’m just a bit too tall for it, really. 😦

Next week’s Wardrobe Challenge is footless tights – why not join us? 🙂

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