Mending pile Monday – the side-tail skirt

When I think about how long it’s taken me to finish this skirt, I’m a bit horrified. I’m not entirely sure how long it’s been languishing in my UFO pile, but it’ll be anywhere between 6-10 years. Yes, folks, in case you haven’t already figured it out, my UFO pile has generally become a never-will-be-finished pile. If anything ever makes it’s way in there, it tends to get left, as the excitement of starting a new project is just too much fun. And hey, you can always go back to a UFO, right? (Except traditionally, I never do.)

And you know what this skirt needed to be finished? Lining. Yes, that’s it. It was all sewn up, hemmed, invisible zip put in, several years ago. Sad, isn’t it? To think it could have been in my wardrobe, going on various outings, and instead it’s been hanging around, shoved into a corner. (Along with another skirt in the same fabric, which is the tail skirt, since it’s tail is at the back, where a tail traditionally is. The tail skirt also needs to be lined, and then it will be all nice and wearable. Maybe I’ll tackle that one next Monday….)

Anyway, yay for my Mending Pile Monday mini-self-set-challenge! Thanks to that resolution, of getting something out of my threatening-to-take-over-the-house pile of mending-alterations-UFO’s, I now have a new skirt to wear to work tomorrow. 🙂

In case you want to know, here are the facts. The shell is made from some acrylic/wool type blend (been so long, I’ve forgotten what exactly), in a subtle herringbone pattern. I put dull dark green lining in it, just for fun. (And mainly because it was the first colour of lining I got from my lining stash. The truth comes out – I don’t match lining to shells. Ever. It’s more fun to have a random unexpected splash of colour. That’s how I roll, and it ain’t gonna be changing any time soon.) It’s got an invisible zip down the back. The pattern was a self-drafted A-line skirt that I altered, to add a ‘tail’ piece at the side for that random asymmetric look. I quite like how it turned out, actually. 🙂 It actually goes straight across at the back, then angles down from the front right to the point at the front left. I just happen to be standing with one hip jutted out in the photo below, hence why it doesn’t look straight at the back.

I even changed out of my slippers for these photos. That’s how much I wanted to do a silent apology to this skirt for leaving it unloved and forgotten for so many years. (Sorry, skirt!)

(On the plus side though, I’ve (finally!) managed to go down a dress size around my waist-and-hips in the past 6 months, so I got to take this skirt in a size before I lined it. If I had finished it off all those years ago, it would now be too big for me, but instead it now fits fine. Silver lining in the procrastination cloud, no?)

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