It’s a Tetris cushion!

For Christmas, I gave my man Steve three choices for a gift, all made by me. He could either choose a hoodie, a giant robot softie, or a Tetris cushion. Despite him choosing the Tetris cushion, I made him a small robot softie for Christmas. (Yes, I can be slightly contrary at times, as it turns out.)

Why didn’t I make him a Tetris cushion? Simply – I ran out of time. Sad, but true. I ran out of time because I decided that I wouldn’t just make him ONE Tetris cushion. Oh no. I was going to make an entire COLLECTION of Tetris cushions, so he could interlink them in random ways on the couch. And I didn’t have time for that, so it went on the back-burner and he got a robot softie instead.

That wasn’t the end of the Tetris cushion idea, though. I still have plans to make him a whole set of them, in between the other stuff I make. And I finally got around to making the first one the other day. Yay! I let him choose the colours and the shape he got first, so here we have a black-and-turquoise T-shaped Tetris cushion!

T-shaped Tetris cushion

T-shaped Tetris cushion

I must admit, it was a little trickier to make than I had expected. Lots of angles that needed to be attached in a more-or-less square fashion. So it’s a little bit wonky in places, but I figure that sort of adds to the charm of home-made craft things, right? (Maybe?)

After I’ve made a couple of others things (including this week’s Sew Weekly challenge), he’s asked for the next Tetris cushion to be the one that looks like a semi-flattened-out Z. Just for variety, it’ll be orange instead of turquoise. Or that’s the plan, anyway! (He does seem to be choosing the more complicated shapes for me to make first. Oh well!)

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