January dress

The January dress doesn’t really have any other name. Which seems a little bit sad, since the last three I blogged about did. I feel it needs a name, just to be able to fit in and hold it’s head up high amongst the others…. Anyone got any suggestions? Coz I’m not really coming up with anything…..

Anyway, the January dress is nearly a year old now, and I’ve only just gotten photos of it! Eek! It was the first in the 12 Months of Dresses project for 2010. One day (maybe in January 2011) I’ll get around to making the belt that goes with it, but in the meantime (since I can’t find what I did with the rest of the fabric) it’s been getting worn with a blue belt I purchased for another dress.

This one is from a re-released 1957 Butterick pattern – B4792. It’s another slightly unusual one – the back dips low and the shoulder straps carry on and join in the center front, where the front bodice and lining are sewn over top of them to create a gathered front neckline. It’s got another one of those awesome 1950’s ultra-full skirts (fun to twirl around in, yay!), and in theory fastens with an inset side zipper. Since I’m not a huge fan of inset side zippers, this one fastens with an invisible zip up the center back and a hook and eye closure at the top of the zip. Which is just as well, since it was quite a bit bigger on me than I expected and I had to take it in a fair bit at the sides after I tried it on, which would have been a lot more complicated if the zip needed to be moved!

The fabric is a craft cotton, with a vintage nana type floral print all over it. One of those ones I saw and went ‘awesome! I have to have that!’ and my mother and sister (who were with me at the time) looked at me oddly. What can I say? Vintage nana-type stuff is fun. 🙂

January dress (front)

January dress (front)

January dress (back)

January dress (back)

January dress (twirling)

January dress (twirling)

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