August dress (polka dots!)

Now that I’m back from the Christmas week visit to my parent’s place (and their ultra-slow dial-up rural internet connection, which essentially cuts me off from internet access for the whole time I’m visiting them), it’s time for the last posts of 2010!

Here’s the next in the line-up of the 12 Months of Dresses projects – this one is from August.

Another re-released retro Butterick pattern, this time from 1957. (Butterick B4512.) It’s quite a fun design, this one – prim and proper in front, with a plunging back. (A combination that I’ve been coming across a lot with these 1950’s re-released patterns! And not one that I would have expected, either. Clearly, those 1950’s gals were a bit racier than they appeared! 😉

To add to the fun of the design, I’ve made this one up in a bright purple cotton with white polka-dots all over it. Kinda screams out ‘party dress’, now doesn’t it?!

This pattern has three slightly different variations – one with a collar, one with a big, floppy pussy-bow at the neck, and one with a plain neckline. There are also two belt variations – a plain belt, or a cummerbund. I’ve gone with the plain neckline and cummerbund option this time, although I fully intend to make up the pussy-bow variant at some stage.

And here it is, the August dress:

August dress (front)

August dress (front)

August dress (back)

August dress (back)

6 responses to “August dress (polka dots!)

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  6. I love it, Kat. Especially how it showcases your tats! I need more of these too! x

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