Introducing indie pattern lover – Penny from Dresses and Me!

Well folks, we’re at the end of indie pattern month. It’s been a great month – so many fabulous creations appearing all around the place (you can see a bunch of them over on the group Pinterest board), I’ve found out about a whole bunch more indie pattern designers I’d never encountered before (yay! New pretty patterns to look at!), and we’ve interviewed some great designers (Hannah from Sinbad and Sailor, Amity and Nhi from Lolita, and Katie from Papercut). Mel and I have really enjoyed hosting, and hopefully you all enjoyed it as well!

But before we sign off, we thought we’d do one last series of interviews. This time, we’re interviewing a few of the lovely ladies that took part, to find out what they love about indie patterns.

First up, I’d like to introduce you to Penny, who blogs over at Dresses and Me. Penny’s a fellow Kiwi, all the way up the other end of the island in Auckland. She’s recently opened her own online pattern company, selling independent labels that are usually crazy-expensive to get all the way down here in little ol’ New Zealand. (And is therefore enabling those of us who find it more-or-less impossible to resist patterns. Such as myself….) Penny’s also just launched a winter sewing swap so, if you like swaps, go sign up now!

So, Penny….

What do you like the most about sewing with indie patterns?

I guess I like that they are different. They approach sewing in a different way and make sewing more accessible. The instructions are often easier to follow because they don’t assume prior knowledge like the big four do. Indie patterns are also very thoughtful. Each pattern is an investment for the producer so they spend a lot of time thinking about what sewing enthusiasts want and how to make that design the best way they can. I also I like the idea of supporting a women’s enterprises.

Ginger skirt

Ginger skirt

What’s your favourite indie pattern, and why?

That is so hard! I guess the indie pattern that I wear the most is my Ginger skirt by Colette Patterns. It’s so versatile and easy to match with other clothes I’ve made or bought. I also wear my Renfrew top by Sewaholic Patterns heaps and as I’m getting more confident with knits I can see myself making tonnes more (there is currently on sitting on my table all cut and waiting to be sewn!)

Purple Renfrew

Purple Renfrew

What’s your favourite thing you’ve made from an indie pattern?

These are tough questions Kat! I really enjoyed making my Papercut Patterns Pleated shorts. They are such a cute design and I can imagine myself wearing them heaps this summer. I also have plans to make them as trousers too. Perhaps at a hipster-ankle-length. I also really enjoyed learning new techniques (I’m such a sewing geek!) like how to put a fly zipper in.

Pleated Pants

Pleated Pants

Which is your favourite indie pattern company, and why?
Gosh that is SO tough! I love Sewaholic because I’m a pretty practical sort of person and I love the everday prettiness of Tasia’s patterns. I’m currently making a Minoru and I know I’m going to get tonnes of wear out of it which I makes me really happy. I love making clothes that I’ll wear again and again.

Which indie pattern are you planning on making next?
Well currently on my sewing table I have a Renfrew tee and an Alma blouse that are both cut and waiting to be sewn together. I’m also hoping to make a Sloppy Josephine by Papercut Patterns but I’m hanging out to find the right fabric.

Thanks so much Penny! Those are some gorgeous creations there. (I’m now seriously considering making those Papercut pleated pants, after seeing your pair!) Thanks for telling us all about your favourites!

(Side note: all the pics above link back to the related posts on Penny’s blog, so you can go and read more about her pretty makes.)

Want to know more? Tune in tomorrow over at The Curious Kiwi to find out who’s being interviewed next!

11 responses to “Introducing indie pattern lover – Penny from Dresses and Me!

  1. Oh dear now I think I need more Papercut patterns…

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  3. I’m really sad that Indie month is over. It’s been such great fun!

    • Glad you enjoyed it! 🙂 We’re thinking we may have to hold it again next year…. Too many indie patterns that still need to be made, haha!

  4. How fun! I love the look of those pleated shorts! I’m just realizing that I haven’t blogged my indie pattern month make– oops!

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  6. Oh, what lovely items Penny has made! I have to still go into the Pinterest board and check out everybody’s makes.

  7. Yah for Penny – she’s so lovely 🙂

  8. mmm, now I want a ginger skirt. looks good penny!

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